Posted by: madamm | December 3, 2007

Just Blazin’

I’ve been home for one day and I’ve already heard that I need to pack my high school blazer.

Yes, the one with all the badges. That loud, ostentatious item of clothing I wore with a beaming smile in my matric year. Lord help me.

I mean, not only do I have half of my wedding gifts to consider, I also have all 65 20 pairs of shoes and all my clothes, not forgetting my books and other sentimental paraphernalia. But the blazer must find a spot in there somewhere, says Mom. She who wanted to frame the thing in the first place (I’m not going into it, that would really be ostentatious of me). Let’s just say I was a really eager beaver at school. Right now, I feel my eagerness withering away along with my patience though. Mom is insisting on items that don’t even fit me anymore ” to serve as inspiration”. You gotta love it. Because I know I am going to miss this. Even though it’s irritating the crap shit hell out of me right now. I just spent an entire day at the mall with my mother and we decided to start packing this evening.

Luckily we have guests right now and I can catch a break, but you know what they say…more is nog ‘n dag.

It’s really weird to be at home and not stress about deadlines or even what’s going on at work in general. I spent a lovely day at the cricket with my family yesterday and hippety hop all the way to the shops today.

No, it hasn’t really hit me yet…but believe me folks…it will. Soon enough it will. On the bright side, today will be the last montheversary C and I spend apart.



  1. Good luck with the packing MrsM… 😀

  2. Girl, you’re going to need an entire ship to take all your stuff over by the sound of it. Don’t let your mom bully you! Ooorrrr…you could tell them to bring it when they visit later. 🙂

  3. Good luck packing, sounds like a nightmare! Thankfully when I moved over here I just had to bring clothes 😉

  4. Well…Ive decided Mom will have to bring all the other goodies…I mean seriously…

  5. Yippee……………

    You’ll be fine, take all the essentials and make sure to take things that mean a WHOLE LOT to you, you’ll end up regretting not taking certain stuff

    Make a list and tick it off as you go!

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