Posted by: madamm | November 23, 2007

Par for the course (NOT)

En toe hou hulle mos ‘n bleddie draw.

My poor dad. After positioning himself as one of the top players of the day, he came home last night with a goodie bag. After 18 holes of near perfect shots in crazy howling winds in a competition hosted by Bellville’s biggest mall (Tygervalley), he came home with a goodie bag. There were big screen tv’s, dvd players, digital cameras, weekends away for two, Givenchy gift packs, the list continues. And all he got was a goodie bag.

Everybody got a fucking goodie bag, he roared. It’s because there are people who play skelm that they decided to draw names from an effing hat. Daddy hated everything about yesterday’s extravagant Golf Day. “Die bleddie emcee was Carlos Perestrelo van 7de laan, kannie fokken Engels praat nie!” he shouted in between mumbling the same word a few times that sounded distinctly like “megapixels”.

My dad is a grown man, but I could see he was really upset that they decided to arrange the prize giving like that. After he’d played his little heart out. But wait, there’s more…

Apparently there were some foreigners playing in the golf day as well. When Dad came out of the men’s room, this one guy who he knows happened to be from Germany looks at him and shouts in passing: “I left my shoes on the window sill there for you to clean.“.

Dad says he was too shocked to respond. But he was more upset that someone else had heard this exchange: “Die regte shoe cleaner het hom fokken in sy moer gelag vir my,” he said before sulkily peering in his goodie bag for a mini Bar One.

God, I love my father more than I could ever explain.



  1. LOL

    en dit alles vir ‘n mini bar one…!

  2. Ja, dit was net te veel vir hom. Fokkit, ek het gelag.

  3. O M G. Man did I laugh at this Mrs M. Can just picture it in front of me. Your dad is an absolute scream. LOL.

  4. WOW dude..

    that’s funny…

    damn Germans


    *hides in the corner*

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