Posted by: madamm | November 21, 2007


In one week it will all be over.

In one week I will have been in an office with the people from the American Consulate in Killarney, Jhb. And they will have told me my future by now.

I’ve been doing pretty great not thinking about it too much. I’ve gathered all my forms. My photographs, my unabridged marriage and birth certificates. My passport. Yes, I have it all.

And still I have no clue what these people will be asking me. Q: How did we meet?
A:We were neighbours on campus in the USA.

Q: When did we get engaged?
A: Shortly before Thanksgiving in the USA.

Q:What do I like about my husband?
A: His wonderful love, ambition and ability to let me get over myself.

Q: Why did you decide to live in the US./
A: C is studying, and I have completed my tertiary education already.

Q; Do you get along with your in-laws?
A: Does planning our road trip to Charleston, SC count as getting along?

ooooh, I hope it goes well. What am I gonna wear? Should I get my hair did? I plan to spend three days with Jane. This should be fun.

In all seriousness though…this visa is very important to me. You know I’ve been married for nine months and seen my husband for only 20 days. Please hold thumbs, kay?



  1. It’s all going to FANTASTIC! You shall pass with flying colours and they shall hand you your visa right on the spot 🙂


  2. One can but hope, Miss M!

  3. *Dusts off cheerleaders outfit*

  4. Whew. Holding everything I can. And praying of course 🙂

  5. Thank you guys!!!!!

  6. Good luck! Wow…so close now huh? 🙂

  7. very very close Louisa….don’t remind me!

  8. i have a bottle champagne chillig in the fridge as we speak… there will be BIG celebrations on wednesday night – jozi, take note!

  9. by the way, did i mention there’s a shebeen right across the street from my flat where i haven’t even been yet? unfortunately they’ve upgraded our old place – the shoe repair sign got replaced with a proper SAB one. 😦

  10. HAHAHAHAA…agge nee!
    Cool…I can’t wait to hang out.

  11. *jealous*

  12. Don’t be JEALOUS Toby!!

  13. Jy, a person is going to miss out on the celebrations. We must ma just have another one when you’re back in the Mother City.

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