Posted by: madamm | November 20, 2007

Bot and Bothered

Bot. (pronounced bôt)

I bet I wasn’t the only kid in high school who used this synonymn for “boring”. Everything was so bot.

Your math teacher’s jokes were bot.
Mr Solomon’s history lessons were bot.
Prefect gate duty was bot.
Shakespeare was truly bot and the same person getting first prize for every grade since you entered high school was too bot.

Now, when you’re on the eve of so-called adolescence, not only are things bot but you tend to be bothered a lot. I am bothered by disgusting blog posts while I eat. I rarely have time to have a sit down lunch somewhere and spend about 30 minutes a day eating my lunch while reading blog posts. So it is rather unpleasant to read about puke and shit while snacking on your prawn and avo sarmie. This is not the bloggers’ fault however. Still…it bothers me.

I am also bothered by Home Affairs who didn’t pay their phone bill which means you can’t get hold of them telephonically at all. I raised all hell there on Saturday and nearly led a toyi-toyi through Voortrekker Road over this kak. Mothers with babies, sitting down next to shit-infested toilets, waiting and waiting. Because they’re only letting in one person at a time.Fucking unbelievable, I tell you.

I think Oom Oubaas is right about this global warping. People were not intended to fly. I am getting more and more apprehensive about my flight to Johannesburg next week, because this shit is still happening.

I am reading a book by Dalene Mathee that is deeply affecting the way I used to think about things. History especially. I don’t know how to feel about this except to just feel it.

I am trying very hard to not think about the short time I have left here in South Africa. If all goes well next week, I don’t plan to stay all that long.

Honestly I don’t even have the energy to fight the good fight here. My job bores me to tears.

Small things people say and do. It irritates me very very much. Thoughts like: Get a life already and Ag, jy’s vol van jouself, hou jou bek run through my mind. I don’t think the candidates read this blog however. Good thing too, or else I might’ve been more venomous: Like, go drown yourself already.

Oh my word, I just read that again. That’s so mean. Now I feel bad and awful.



  1. Ha, ha. Don’t feel bad. Die waarheid issie waarheid jong.
    And jy, a person that got the prizes was so NOT bot. I mean ma.
    *Quickly shifts attention to prawn and avo sarmie*

  2. Haha. Even I used the word BOT. I loved it. It just rolls off the tongue. No wonder everything was bot…

  3. I don’t mean the PERSON was bot Toby, I mean the fact that they were always getting the prize was BOT. I mean, why couldn’t someone like Craig Jenneker get first prize for once, huh Gnome??

    LOL. I just laughed out loud at this incredulous thoughT!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. You so will if something happens to them! 😉

    Good luck on all your troubles hon

  5. I take it back therefore!!!

    oooh, where’ve you been Miss M?

  6. Ah – the Miss M has been working her pretty hiney off unfortunately. Got 3 weeks left on the show and it is rather hectic at the moment 😦

    In CT in 3 weeks though, the 3 of us going to do cocktails?

  7. Dude…WHEN is that?
    I mean, literally give me a date if you can please…would LOVE to…TOBES?

  8. I arrive in CT on the 10th of December and am there until the 29th Dec. So pick a day, any day 🙂 Tobes you in?

  9. Hey, I’m up for it if I’m in CT then. Who knows which assignment I’ll get sent on? Last year that time I was driving nine hours to Lusikisiki in the Eastern Cape with a crazy photographer who kept trying to mimic the accents of the people there. *cringes at the memory*

  10. Craig Jenneker… HAHAHAHAHA.

  11. Hmm, I need to send an e-mail quickly

  12. Ok Mrs M …. anything else you feel the need to update us on? 😉

    Cool, well I’ll let you know even closer to the time!

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