Posted by: madamm | November 18, 2007

My two cents about this whole fiasco

The Sunday newspaper, Rapport showed how appallingly wimpish the South Africa media muscle can look when they sacked (read succumbed to irate Christians in a Jyllands-Posten-cartoons-of Mohammed manner) the controversial mr Deon Maas last week.

I have no need to justify any personal belief or lack thereof at this point. All I really want is to express my horror at it all. Personally, I find Maas a little tedious and even when he spent an entire column writing about things that may have affected me personally, I couldn’t be bothered to bat an eyelid, really. He (and the editorial guys) loved the chaos of it all. You ignorant losers. And you fell for it everytime.

You wasted what little airtime you had left over after spending your time and money on other kômmin activities to have your say about Deon Maas. Make your voice heard. (A good thing of course) And then you went  and spoiled it by going completely anarchic and losing your minds.

You realise there are more worthy causes out there, right? You do know what freedom of speech and disclaimers mean, right? You did read his first column in Rapport within context right? Or did you?

Given, most things sacrilegious is bound to raise more than a few hackles, I do believe that this signals hypocrisy. If Muslim people want to burn newspapers down over cartoons, might they be allowed? I know, I know…stand for something or you’ll fall for anything right? But I really have to wonder what good bombing all and sundry every other day in the name of religion has brought the world.

Religion is so incredibly powerful in this world. But so is ignorance, apparently.



  1. I’m rather disappointed in Rapport too. If they’d had valid reasons for firing Maas then it wouldn’t be so bad but the veil they’re hiding behind is so tenuous, it’s laughable.

    I’m also shocked at how close-minded south africans still are. I shouldn’t be, given they’re not really tolerant of anything else in this country.

    The issue here isn’t even so much about what Maas wrote and whether you agree with him or not. It’s about allowing him to have his say.

    I don’t particularly like him or agree with the things he says but I do appreciate the fact that he makes people think. Even if you don’t agree with him he stimulates you to construct a defence and that’s vital in this country.

    We have so many yes-men and women that we need someone who can stir the pot a bit. He does that even if he sounds ridiculous when he does.

    So there goes another free thinker. And Rapport’s firing of him says a lot more about them than it does about Maas. If they want to be held hostage by a readership that is as close-minded and religious zealots as they appear to be, then they should be ashamed of themselves.

    I just wonder…are these readers the ones who used the church to defend apartheid? What happens to the newspaper when these (probably older) readers die out? Who then, will buy the newspaper that speaks to a religious, conservative, rightwing audience? I could be wrong about the audience but I suspect i’m not.

  2. I suspect you’re not wrong either. And that was EXACTLY what I was thinking yesterday. These are the SAME people, the exact same…

  3. But Rapport would be losing THIS readership they have now…the word “parochial” comes to mind.
    If they boycotted Rapport…they’d be left with SONDAG and THE SUNDAY TIMES and SUNDAY INDEPENDENT, etc. Think about it…as dit in INGILS is, stel ons nie belang nie. they’d be fucked. They should’ve left it. Seriously.

  4. Exactly. We know those people won’t read anything else. Plus, the distributors belong to the same company that Rapport does. Where would they threaten to boycott them? Ha! Puhleeeze.

  5. ek sou sê DIE move kry ‘n AIKôna in die SMF ne?


  6. Jy is totally on the button Mrs M. ‘n moerse Aikona.

  7. my two cent’s worth – if i was john perlman, i would’ve resigned on the spot today. can’t express my disappointment with this papbroek-ness in clear enough terms.

    i guess we must be relieved that it didn’t depend on rapport to break important stories like manto’s drinking habits or oilgate or the weapons scandal, because god forbid if they’re this shit-scared of a bunch of ignorant readers, imagine how they’d be stopping the presses if some important people with real power got upset with them…

    in their defense – what the hell were they thinking trying to dish up content that would require some open-mindedness on the part of their readers? i mean, they serve the omies who phone in to complain to journos about the “beesneuse” this & that?? (for pc-purposes we’ll exclude the k-word they also so frequently uses…)

    and to conclude on the whole religion-angle to this – i’d like to quote a friend’s facebook view on religion:

    live and let live, but kill the fanatics.

    and if that leaves us without a rapport 2 years from now, i’d say good riddance.

  8. JoziJ, I couldn’t agree more – if that newspaper dies in the next, oh, say, year or so it would be good for everyone else. Perhaps then those readers would be forced out of their racialised safe bubble and have to realise that they’re no longer the Chosen Race and that they are not going to ever be the Baas again.

  9. And don’t you LOOOOOVE how they’ve made this about “them”? AGAIN?

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