Posted by: madamm | November 11, 2007

Dumbing Down: My fear begins

I think Pink is a really excellent artist. I like the diversity of her music. I like her fuck-you attitude (most of the time). I didn’t see her live (she was in Cape Town about a month ago) but when you’ve got SABC 3 it really doesn’t make a difference.

Now I wonder. Does my admission to liking Pink’s music (and fuck-you attitude) say something about me? Am I just another slave to that which the likes of … oh…say Barry Ronge* abhors?

Let’s see…I had a pretty awesome weekend. You may judge me by my standards of awesomeness, scrutinising it for telltale signs of apathy,boredom or lack of angst about things that seem to matter (which would lead, invariably, to a dumbing down of sorts, as referred to by our learned friend, mr Ronge…and a dozen other fogies just like him) but just like Pink, I could give a damn.

On Friday night, I went to see Knocked Up with my friend, Pampoentjie. Pampoentjie did mention that the movie did not get like, the greatest reviews and..uh stuff, but we went to see it anyway. Why? Because Pampoentjie wanted to watch a movie and I found myself in a thesis-induced movie famine, so off we went. And you know what? I found myself giggling through more than half of the movie. I’m so glad I went. Pampoentjie and I did discuss how overly romanticised the movie was, but agreed that it was worth a night out.

Saturday I went for an Indian head massage, facial, eyebrow and top lip wax, after which I treated myself to some shopping and proceeded to have my hair done. My vanity got the better of me (again) but I had the most fantastic time. And I felt so gorgeous afterward, even if I was on my way to my aunt’s 53rd birthday party.

Sunday afternoon, I spent with my mom. We shopped our little hearts out, we bought bras, cardigans, books, pajamas…stuff. It was GLORIOUS. In the evening I read the newspapers and suddenly I began to question the shallowness of it all. Did my hysterical giggles at scenes from a two-star rated movie make me an airhead? Why did I buy a Marian Keyes book (for 25 bucks, I might add!) and not a J.M. Coetzee?Was I no better than Posh and Paris to spend seven hours of one day in a day spa and a mall?

Was mr Ronge right? Have I too become enslaved in this overglorified, overrated, pompous, narcissistic culture of celebrity and trash? I would like to think not. Sure, I know Spritney Bears is unstable and Oprah talks about ” real life” and stuff, but I also know why there is a Miranda Law in the US and what the role of OPEC is in securing a regular supply of petrol to your nearest Caltex.

Given, this does not make me Einstein, but still dammit. I had a fantastic weekend, great memories with Pampoentjie and my family (Mom in particular). Plus I look good. And I have new bras, two chick-lit books and a cardigan.

Okay, I just did this quiz (for fun, not because I care, okay) and the only reason I only got 19 out of 38 correct is because I don’t live in the damn UK. Miss M…I need you to do better on this one.

I’m not shallow. I’m satisfied.

*Who gives a gay bat about what Barry thinks?



  1. “I think Pink is a really excellent artist. I like the diversity of her music.”

    I think thats a bit … understated 😉

    Pink … is an awesome artist … she has words, lyrics and attitude for any issue / event in life that you experiancing at that time …

    Also – have you heard her song with her dad “I have seen the rain”? If not – try get hold of it … or see the post below – it has it on … with lyrics … damn damn damn awesome song …

  2. i still cant spell :/

  3. Barry is sometimes too far up his own bum to see what’s really good and what isn’t.
    Just because he doesn’t think it’s good doesn’t mean it’s bad. That’s what he seems to think though – everyone defers to him as an expert (and granted, he is rather knowledgeable about pop culture and film) but I find him a bit tedious and pompous sometimes.
    He clearly has no contact with young people because he has no sense of why we do the things we do. All he knows is Britney, Lindsay, Paris, et al and that’s what he thinks young people are about.
    Barry really should get out more and stop sitting in the popcorn filled ivory tower of his.
    *takes deep breath*

  4. Steven… you are right. That’s an understatement, only given my shallowness, even I must admit to having some limitations in the appreciation of music category. She is pretty damn awesome, you’re so so right! Thanks for the comment as well- don’t worry, you can’t spell, I make understatements 🙂

    Tobes, I think you’re right about Ronge. Dammit, when he says a movie is dull, I always seem to enjoy it. I think he often oversimplifies matters, leaving the rest of the (general) population feeling a little…uh…less like him? No matter, I think if Barry can admit he is pompous, he might even become more approachable!

  5. I think Barry thinks he’s supposed to be pompous. He’s trying to emulate the reviewers in the NY Times, the Guardian, etc. He thinks that if one is lofty and don’t buy into mass market stuff then you’re a good reviewer.
    I say screw that – different strokes for different folks. That said, he’s got a right to his opinion; it’s when he tries to make others feel lowbrow/common/dumb/etc that it gets on my nerves.

  6. Mrs M – as long as you had fun who gives a donkey’s ass what you got up too this weekend! I didn’t leave the house yesterday, how bad is that? The book I’m reading at the moment is a girly novel and I enjoy watching Charmed repeats on TV but I can still have an intelligent conversation and engage in debates.

    Byt the way I got 25 out of 38 … is that alright?

  7. Oh, and I completely adored Knocked Up, it made me giggle like there was no tomorrow 😉

    We’re allowed to watch crap that like sometimes. Barry Ronge is a pompous up his own ass wanker!

  8. You’re a genius Miss M!!!! That’s awesome. I don’t watch Charmed repeats though. Maybe Desperate Housewives ja…

  9. I loved Charmed when it was still on. I always wanted to be a witch. *sigh*

  10. I didn’t really like Knocked Up. The birth scene made me sooooooo naar!!!

  11. it wasn’t that bad…it was a vajayjay stretching…
    that’s all

  12. It was bad. It was worse. I do not need to see anybody’s vajayjay that closely. I do not need to say see anybody’s vajayjay period.

  13. Usually if he likes a movie I can’t stand it! I wouldn’t be too bothered MrsM…

    Oh ja, and P!nk Rocks! 😀

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