Posted by: madamm | November 6, 2007

Happy Home Affairs!

Recently I was asked to enquire about the status of the identity documents of two people who needed these documents to apply for bursaries and further their education.

I called the same number I always call and lo and behold, it was answered within about three rings. I enquired about the readers’ ID’s and was asked for my number. They would call me back within 10 minutes. AND THEY DID! The ID’s would apparently be ready within the next week.

On this extremely positive note, I decided to enquire about my own ID and what do I hear? “Mrs M, your ID has been ready for collection since last Friday, please feel free to come and pick it up!”

Something eerily strange is going on. Either that, or Home Affairs has gone for a vigorous revamp which included customer service training.

Gnome, maybe it’s time to make another call…



  1. Woweee. this is mos one of the best things you’ve heard this year.
    Maybe the task team that’s been working at HA for the past year or so are actually making a difference?
    Now perhaps they can jack up their refugee offices…

  2. Wouldn’t that be fantastic. I’m telling you, not all is bad Toby. A LOT is, but not all.

  3. Wow, that never happens! Perhaps things are starting to work properly in SA … *ponders how amazing that would be*

    However I do think that South Africa wouldn’t be the same place without “African Time” and the chilled, laid back attitude that they all have. So much better than the rushed, hectic, no time to talk to anyone attitute of Londoners!

  4. Ja but still Miss M, we really could do with more efficient service.

  5. That we could do.

  6. O.M.G. That is AWESOME news Mrs M. I am stunned. I must DEFINITELY check with them!!

  7. check Gnome. Check.

  8. um …

    you know those adds currently on tv … the “not likely” ones … sounds like you want a slot on one of them 😛

    Although, In my past – home affairs (depending on branch) have been really decent … with town (the big one) actually being the best with service and efficiancy …

    if only the licensing / traffic department was like that :/

  9. oooh. I remember those ads yeah. hmm…no I wouldn’t go that far, really. Believe me, I’ve had my fair share of frustration and damn near biting someone’s head off!

    Haven’t had to deal with the traffic dept for a while. I sent my sister. Believe me, I gave her some bucks to compensate for the trauma.

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