Posted by: madamm | November 5, 2007

Happy Birthday to Daddy!

Nou ja toe.

Daddy’s birthday today. When was the last time you saw a 53 year old man hopping about his kitchen in excitement at 12 pm like a little kid? I’ve talked about my Dad before (I think it was Father’s day, if I remember correctly).

An eccentric man he is. I mean, writing out little clues and having him go on a gift-hunt would not have been considered too crazy an idea. Even for him. Daddy is loveable and funny. Remarkable too. So a very very happy birthday to you dear Father. You are loved. Even if your youngest daughter did try to sell Mom’s car to an ADT security guard within a matter of 24 hours. You still kept your cool (a little bit of it anyway).

Well folks, it’s a new week. New things to do. Like chill the hell out and do whatever the hell it is that I like. Contrary to popular belief, this includes reading and sleeping. And more reading. And maybe a movie in between. But that’s about it. I’m a no fuss kinda gal. Who knew?



  1. Isn’t that like the most fantastic feeling ever? To be able to just sleep or read, etc, etc.

  2. It certainly is

  3. You not working anymore? I wish that was all I had to do. I might have to pull a sickie sometime this week, I feel the need to have a day off to curl up on the couch and watch movies 🙂

  4. Ooohhh. I’ve never been able to do that – pull a sickie if I’m not really sick. The guilt would probably make me sick!

  5. I am working, but not on my thesis anymore. In itself, it feels like I’ve resigned from the position of student. Though I wouldn’t talk too soon of course

  6. Toby – pulling sickies is just the best thing! I pull one once or twice on a show, it’s a way of getting back all that overtime that I don’t get paid for 😉 I never do it when we are super busy, that would just be cruel! I usually save them till the end of the show and just take a couple.

    The guilt is easier when you text in and don’t lie straight over the phone 😉

  7. Well I usually call in sick, and then, I AM SICK.
    One feels bad about these things, therefore one tries to keep them to an absolute minimum.

  8. Eh – I figure they owe me at least 2 sick days before show with all the overtime I put in.

    Girls I’m usually in the office from 9am-8pm and I only get paid from 10am-6pm so you do the math.

    Of course if I am really sick and use up those days I don’t pull anymore!

  9. my dear…there is NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING wrong with “pulling a sickie” on the odd occasion. And if my (poor maths) is correct, you’re doing too much. Where are the labour unions?!

    I don’t need to tell you that. You have every right to pull a sickie. every right.

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