Posted by: madamm | October 30, 2007

It is time…

I am here. I am stressed.

My masters thesis is one click of a PRINT button ( x 4) away from being examined. Yes, I wanna get sentimental. No, I haven’t cried yet.

It’s been a loooong road, folks. But let me spare you the misery and cut to the chase. I’ve been a Masters student for three consecutive years. In the first year I completed course work, went the USA, wrote my exams there and returned. Engaged to be married in one year.

I started working on my (first) thesis, under what I would term relatively difficult circumstances. I won’t go into that now, and I won’t even say that that was the reason I wasn’t successful. Just, that perhaps it wasn’t time for me to be finished yet.

I got married in March this year and I’ve been getting ready to immigrate ever since. In between all of this, my previous supervisor left the university and a former colleage at the organisation I worked at happened to take over in his place.

At this point, I feel it unnecessary to elaborate on any reservations and difficulties I had during the initial phase and composition of my thesis for 2007 titled: Blogs in the Mainstream Media: An exploration of a code of ethical conduct for j-bloggers.

Instead, I will focus on the positives and just say a final few words before I hand it in tomorrow morning. My supervisor gave exceptional guidance and I am very grateful for his insight.

I feel that my topic is more focused and the arguments in the thesis are solid. I really feel like I’ve given it all I have this time around. It wasn’t easy, and as strange as this may sound, I’m glad it wasn’t.

My parents have been exceptionally supporting. As was my husband and my sister.

My friend Toby Hanks has been phenomenal. Not only for her motivation academically, but in many other respects as well.

I am handing in my thesis, with a tiny bit of anxiety, simply because I’ve done it before and was gravely dissapointed. But I’m also extremely proud of myself for my perseverance and hard work.

Thank you to all in the blogosphere for their (imaginary) four leaf clovers, support and unflailing good humour through comments. Blogging is more than a hobby to me, as you may have noticed from the title of the thesis, and even in this small way, I think it significant that there are anonymous people out there with whom I can participate and share in this platform.

My faith in God has reached fantastic new heights and I don’t doubt for a second, that I will do well this time.



  1. I can’t think of a flippant comment, a little quip or even something serious to say.
    All I know is you worked your tootsies off on this thing and I know you’re going to ace it. No doubt about that at all.
    And soon we can crack open a bottle of chilled Graham Beck and just let our hair down. It’s going to be great…

  2. It;s going to be wonderful. Look I even spelled colleague wrong in this post but right now, editing ANYTHING is so not happening.

    Thank you Toby. For the love, the friendship and the Graham Beck.

  3. Oh.My.Gosh Mrs M. This is it then! I am thrilled for you! I know that you will be victorious this time 🙂

  4. Thank you Gnome… I trust it will all go well.

  5. Good luck MrsM!
    *holds thumbs and crosses everything not needed for typing this comment*

    Thank you thank you thank you again!!

    Hope your exams went well!

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