Posted by: madamm | October 23, 2007

Hulle’s hier

So at the moment, I’m supposed to be whizzing through a week’s worth of work. I have been granted two days off to handle my besigheid. That being going to the doctor for the most thorough medical examination possible, getting my car serviced (bye bye more money) and seeing to it that I hand in the best possible masters thesis ever.

Aside from a few distractions, most notably the presenter and crew of the Pasella team in my very midst (yes, they did these arb (what would you call them, Miss M) shots of the staff around here which included filming me type this post, I am so just not lus to work today.

Now my nachos arrived. And there better be no filming of me wolfing these down, I’d never be able to show my face in public again! Imagine!

Better get on with it. I only have today to actually do a whole week’s worth of work.



  1. GV shots 😉 Sounds exciting! They wouldn’t show that, don’t worry honey, no one wants to watch you wolfing down your nacho’s let alone the South African public 😉

  2. Unless you work for the Sunday Times and you’re eating a Steer burger. When the whole mess with Manto erupted those scenes were flashed over and over again. Ha, ha.

  3. Hmm .. what happened there?

  4. When the Sunday Times published the story of Manto being a drunk and a thief they got into trouble basically. The TV news crews went into the ST offices to film shots for their story and settled on one journalist stuffing her face with a Steer burger.
    As the story gained momentum, that image was screened again and again. Hilarious.

  5. OH my WORD!! REALLY????!!!!

    Which journo was that? How did I miss this?
    hahahahahaha, that’s hilarious…

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