Posted by: madamm | October 22, 2007


So I cried. On Saturday night when after twelve years I finally got that goosebump patriotic feeling back. And on Sunday night when Mary J Blige belted out Be Without You in the Grand West Arena, I had another knot in my throat. Because I’m still here in South Africa. Without C.

What an eventful weekend this turned out to be. Especially for hermit-like me who has exactly nine days to go before I hand in my thesis. I had lots of fun at the Mary J Blige Concert, even though I had to write an article about it (which I just handed in) it was great to be in the presence of such a magnificent voice.

Saturday night I watched the rugby at my cousin’s house, where I gathered all my other cousins  to sing PJ Powers’ World In Union (mixed with “ingonyama ingonyama” from Elton John’s Circle of Life, which seemed to blend well) and then we stood up and sang the anthem.

When the eindfluitjie blew, I felt a whole lot of things all at once. Pride, sadness, joy, happiness, patriotism and anger. I also felt a up-your-Pommie-backside for the English guys who walked past Mbeki as if he weren’t even there.

And Mbeki, my dear readers, has made some grave errors. I do not have to go into it.  But the Bokke were coming up to receive their gold medals and I couldn’t feel more proud. But when some guy at my cousin’s house (who was the only person there who is not family) started shouting: “Ag Mbeki, fokkof, wat soek jy daar!” I was outraged.

It was completely inappropriate and left a very acerbic taste in my mouth. Here we were twelve years later. One little 80 minute game in which we forgot all the shit that’s happened in the past eight years or so. Even if just for those few minutes. And as much as I know some people are baying for his blood, guess what? Thabo Mbeki is the president of South Africa right now. And if he should fokkof when the Springboks win the effing World Cup Rugby, I wonder if Jacob Zuma in a buckskin would’ve sufficed.

Satisfaction is a rare find among all things political. The United States has a president who has literally floundered his way through nearly two terms of presidency. Zimbabwe is not even worth a cabbage at this point. There you have it. A powerful nation and a nation on its knees. With leaders who really should just give it a rest already.

So when something goes right in this country, I wonder if its too much to ask to shut your face and celebrate the victory instead of saying your president should fuck off when you just won the effing World Cup. I wonder if this pale person thought we were going to cheer him on and agree right at that point. Because all he got was deadly silence.



  1. Wasn’t the win just magic Mrs M! Can’t believe that guy at your cousin’s house though. What a vrot apple. That was really inappropriate and uncalled for. Spoiling it for everyone else. Nasty. What an idiot.

  2. It was excellent Gnome!

    I just couldn’t believe it when he got all hysterical shouting for Mbeki to eff off. Out of the effing blue. Im effing a lot today.


  3. It’s ok to eff. Studies show effing in the office is good for morale.

    My mom phoned me twice – twice! – to ask me if I saw the English dude snubbing our Prez. She’s mighty upset about that.
    I’m more upset about the fact that nobody is pointing out what a doos Toby Flood is for pushing Percy. I mean, WTF?!

  4. I cried too, it was the most amazing feeling!

    We were all cheering Mbeki and these are people in London who apparently are “escaping” South Africa yet we were filled with nothing but pride when we saw him up there with the players.

    Who ever talks like that needs a serious bash to the head and a wake up call.

  5. I didn’t realise the dude’s name was Toby Flood, eerr Toby. That was a kak move right there.

    Yay!! miss m. Hope the English aren’t pushing you about too much eh?

  6. Naah, I’m giving as good as getting 😉 I am however the only South African in an office full of English people so you can well imagine.

    They keep harping on about “the try that never was” the newspapers are even calling it that. starting to get annoying …

  7. Oh tell them to go Flood themselves! If I were you I’d be walking around with a Bok t-shirt, a flag on my desk and a little Springbok toy next to my phone… I can be a bitch like that sometimes. . .
    PS – I see the long-haired motherf*&%! stole my name. Dammit.

  8. Oops, didn’t mean long-haired. Meant pushy bastard.

  9. who is the long haired one though Toby…
    Miss M…


  10. No man, Toby Flood. Rude buffel that he is.

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