Posted by: madamm | October 19, 2007


Few people in this world get it right to go about their day/week/month/year/life without ever uttering a single word of complaint. I am not one of those people. BUT…

Having just complained to my friend Jane about an array of things, I’ve decided that that is where it will stop. Instead I will talk about what’s happened between yesterday and today, as if it were, in fact, the most natural occurences ever.

So I got my paperwork for my immigration visa yesterday, and gee golly gosh, was it a lot of papers. But I opened the envelope and read each one (almost out loud, just to make sure I got it the first time you know). It says in one section that the Jhb office will contact me about a medical examination, and in another section that I will have to have the medical examination complete before anything can be processed. It also says not to contact the Jhb office as they will contact me. Oh dear, and here I thought this would be more of a catch 22…

So this morning, I called the Jhb office (I felt like I was overstepping the boundaries by calling them, especially because they said I shouldn’t, really but I just wanted to make sure that my info really was as unambiguous as it seemed) and asked about this medical exam. First someone told me that I had received the wrong paperwork. I hung up and screamed silently and broke out in a cold sweat before I washed the dishes, hung up the washing and proceeded to call them again. This time, I heard, that I do in fact, have the correct forms. Also that I will have to go for my medical exam as soon as possible after which I can mail back all my forms to Jhb, after which they will contact me for an interview. I also need form A29874*, which sounded strange to me, because I’d never heard of that number before.

Just after I got off the phone, my husband calls and I tell him about form A29874 after which he tells me that it should be there and I really should check these things before, etc. I slammed down the phone said goodbye and couldn”t find one such form. I called the Jhb consulate again and say that I only have form B76541** after which I am told that this form is in fact the correct one.  I called the doctor’s office and made the appointment for the 25th of October (which is next week). The tests will take three days, after which I may send the Jhb office all my forms followed by the processing of my case. My husband called again and told me to stop yelling calm down, but I had to get ready for work, so that conversation didn’t last very long.

I am getting my thesis edited next week. I hope it all goes well. I’m so fortunate to have so many things to do at once! I’m super dooperly thrilled.

*Can’t give the name of the real forms of course
** Same goes for this one




  1. So how come you can’t tell us what the proper forms are?

    It sounds like things are really making a move forward, yey 🙂

    Good luck with the thesis 🙂

  2. Thank you Miss M. Things are going just swell!

  3. Meisie, your papers are here!!! Now a person must prepare for the goodbyes ne.

  4. Goodbyes suck, but at least there is always the blog 😉

    MrsM why can’t you tell us the proper form names? I’m curious

  5. Because all information sent to me from the Consulate is confidential, explicitly stated. Though the names are online somewhere. Do you wanna move to America?

  6. No, was just curious as to why immegration papers are so confidential, the name of the forms I mean. Woudn’t it be the same for everyone?

    Moving to America would be my idea of hell. I lived there for a while previously and can’t stand the place to be honest. Well I was in middle America, if it was New York, LA, San Fran etc I might be alright.

  7. I have no idea why they are, but Im not taking any chances- though I reckon the information contained is confidential and not the names of the forms itself. These are the same for everyone, Im pretty sure of that. Like I-130, I-129, I-134, G325A, those ought to be pretty standard, I reckon. Like I said, I’d rather skin my left breast than do anything to jeopardise my immigration.

    Im moving to NC, on the East Coast…it’s okay there, I like it.

  8. Oh cool. I lived in a small town outside of Chicargo and I truly hated it.

    I also lived in Canada though which I adored.

    I have this American friend over here from Georgia and I’m going with him for a holiday next year over Spring Break to Atlanta and then his family’s beach house in Florida. That should be fun 🙂

  9. Geez, DMM. How long have you been out of SA? maybe we weren’t in the same classes! When did you graduate, did you say?

  10. She’s a jet-setter!

  11. Clearly. I wish I could be a jet-setter. I think I should smoke my troubles away now.

  12. Haha

    I lived in Canada when I was a baby, and then again when I was 8 but been back regularily to visit the family as my dad is from there. Lived in America when I was 14. My father is a professor at UCT and goes on Sabbatical so we used to live in strange places for a bit every 4 years.

    I was at UCT from 2002-2004, the year below you I think. Was at Abbotts before then 🙂

    I know that we’ll either know each other or know each other’s friends. Cape Town is like that!

  13. Oi – I’m not THAT bad, just got to travel a lot as a kid. Happens when your mother is English and your dad is Canadian and other than the 3 of you no family live in SA, you go visit them a lot!

  14. Oh, that sounds so logical. Fun too! Now I’m very nosey as to who your dad is of course! Did he teach English?

  15. I don’t remember names of people at UCT but usually remember a face.

  16. Nope, he is a Professor of Physical Anthropology down on lower campus. He used to teach the first year medical students and now does PHD students and other random courses to do with Archeology, Anthropology etc.

    He’s a tall Canadian guy with a beard 😉

  17. Ooohhh…the closest thing I came to anthropology was that SAN course we did with Susan Levine. She was very cool but very intense.

  18. Your DAD is the tall guy with the beard??????

    I don’t know who that is…

  19. My dad is the not-so-tall-guy and he has a bit of a moustache…

    he’s in insurance. d’you guys know him?

  20. OMG – your dad’s the not-so-tall-guy with the bit of moustache? No way; get outta here! Yoh!
    My dad’s the bald guy with the big black bakkie. I sometimes call him Moegamat.

  21. hahahahaha. THIS. Is hilarious

  22. I agree. We’re the funniest people around. Funnier than Kurt even.

  23. Oh definitely, we should get paid for being so funny 😉

    Oh my god, I’m having a HORRIBLY busy day! Doesn’t someone want to fly over here and do some of my work for me? It just keeps piling up!!!! I’m so not leaving here at a normal hour for a Friday night *sobs*

  24. Shame man…at least the TElkom Financial Director didn’t resign on you this late in the day,
    I’d fly to London in a heartbeat to help you…but then you have to take me to Cafe Flo.

    Errm. I like that cafe.

  25. We can swap jobs. That way you can sit late EVERY night instead of just Fridays… 😉

  26. Ah, here’s you thinking I don’t sit late every day 😉 I usually leave round 730/8pm unless I get sick of it and leave earlier. But Friday’s I like leaving round 630pm just because!

  27. Wow The Divine Miss M

    I am in awe of your father, I want to be a Forensic Anthropologist!! (Physical Anthropology leading up to Forensic)


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