Posted by: madamm | October 16, 2007

Monday nights can be fun

Mojitos are potent.

As prudish and unaccustomed as that sounds, combined with an Absolut Cosmo and two great friends, last night was almost a party. Felt like the good ‘ol Stellenbosch days. Every night was what you made of it. Mondays could be Fridays, or you could bunk Wednesdays because of the R5 tequila specials on Tuesdays.  Hoe dit ookal sy, we were without R&S* and that was all that mattered.

The J-meister and Meags and I met up at Buena Vista last night. Both of them have resigned recently. Net so. Just like that. I’m so proud. We had to celebrate. And gossip.Wish I could get some paperwork in the mail which would see me resigning. Not that anyone would be suprised over here. My editors have known I’m leaving for centuries. In fact, I get the distinct (paranoid) feeling some of them are even checking the proverbial wristwatch and tapping their feet. Wha-eva. It’s not like I can help that I’m still here.

So I’ll probably be getting my paperwork this week. I really am extremely anxious about getting it already. It’s been forever. My whole future is in that envelope (well not my whole future, there’s still this other little thesis thing I have to take care of). I told C I’d call him when I’ve made all the arrangements. I just can’t wait for some good news.

After the doctor’s appointment (which includes a full on  medical exam) I’ll be jetting off for my interview and mini-break with friends up in Jozi, which I also can’t wait for.

Geeziz. I’m so broke.

*R&S= Responsibility and Shit


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