Posted by: madamm | October 15, 2007

I’ll never forget Madiba and that guy from the Simba Lays ad in 1995

I don’t know where I’m going to be yet.

For the rugby world cup final, that is. I remember where I was in 1995 though. I remember feeling the goosebumps that the World In Union song sent up my forearms.
I’m not a big sports fan. No, you’re more likely going to find me in a shopping mall when the big games are being played, but after last night’s victory, how can I not watch the final? At this point I can even forgive the members of  our rugby side for not all looking like Felipe Contemponi from Argentina – then again he turned into a little foul-playing bitch toward the end there didn’t he?

In between watching the rugby I also spent some time with my friend Em on Friday night and went clubbing with my sister and my other friend Car. In the past two years this has become an unlikely scene – me in a club (and really a spur of the moment decision) but I had loads of fun nonetheless and danced my unfit little heart out. My feet hurt so much today.

15 days to go until final hand-in date. Unknown amount of days to go until I finally get my paperwork. I’m hanging in there. With all my fingers and toes crossed of course.



  1. Last night was WONDERFUL! The Argentina team plays dirty though and the ref was SOOOO against us. Damn bastards. We won though!

    Habana is a legend, that trie was BRILLIANT!

    Good luck on the Masters 🙂

  2. Habana is what I would call an Agliotti- not that this has anything to do with anything of course – but I just thought it so apt: An Ugly Hottie.

    I know I know…bad joke.

    Thanks Miss M!

  3. I am so scared to watch the final. I will of course, though, but still be petrified. I hate loosing. Don’t want to invest all this emotionl energy and then be disappointed…

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