Posted by: madamm | October 15, 2007

I will try

Callous. Ignorant. Annoying.

I haven’t really done anything to keep it green for as long as I can remember. With this post, I think I am most likely going to pledge to start making a difference right now.

Though, I already drive less than I suppose I could because the petrol price is so ludicrous. Also, I don’t fly half as much as some jet setters I know because plane tickets cost out the backside. I will give careful thought to the next car I buy while in the USA since I currently co-own a gas-guzzling SUV.

I fold away and recycle plastic bags all the time. I am also the owner of two “smart bags” which means I rarely use plastic bags any way.

Considering the fact that I may have more time on my hands upon my initial arrival in the US, I am going to find something worthwhile to do with my time.



  1. OOoh, did you see the Carte Blanche story on the earth worms last night. That was kind of cool…I was thinking of maybe getting a worm farm like that.

  2. Did you know that plastic bags could be recycled into a durable messenger bag?

    A little cutting, folding, little ironing and sewing will do the trick.

  3. I saw the Carte Blanche story Louisa, but I don’t think I’ll be doing the worm thing just yet.
    Myepinoy- a messenger bag? Cool…but I’m not a messenger…

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