Posted by: madamm | October 12, 2007

Wonderful surprise

The best gift.

I got up early this morning to go to the post office. I thought it might be my paperwork, because the post office note arrived smackbang in the middle of the stipulated time period and it had my married name on it. C and I assumed it was the paperwork.

It wasn’t. My friend Alinta from Canberra in Australia, whom I met while on exchange at the University of North Carolina had sent us a beautifully wooden framed aboriginal art piece as a wedding gift. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Alinta was my best friend while I was in the US. And even though we don’t talk half as much as we used to, I just want to say that she’s a phenomenal person and that I cherish my friendship with her very very much!

She was the one who wrote : “With Alinta’s permission…C and Mrs M are getting engaged” on the hood of C’s car on the night we got engaged after all!



  1. So lovely. I love surprises like that, they really make ones day 🙂

    You’ve got some amazing friends Mrs M!

  2. I think I do Miss M.

    So to all my friends (you know who you are after all!!) thank you thank you thank you for your wonderful friendships!

  3. That is so sweet. My friend got me a beautiful pearl necklace from as a gift. Seriously, it was one of the best gifts that I had ever received and I wear it everyday!

  4. This is interesting!

    Do this Google search:

    How many testimonials for do you find written by PearlGirl for By today’s count there are 48! All on blog comments too.

    It appears to the casual observer that Premium Pearl is writing their own testimonials.

    I guess is a company nobody should trust!

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