Posted by: madamm | October 11, 2007

Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?”

Laurie Kendrick is hilarious. And interesting as well.

She’s just come up with three introspective questions (for her own vicarious reasons, I think!) and I’ve decided to attempt to answer them.

1. Name the one person who up to this point, has had the biggest impact or made the biggest difference in your life . Tell us who, how and why.

MrsM: My friend, Gnome. I’ve known her for a very very long time. Gnome knows all my secrets. And she has never ever judged me for anything. She’s held my hand in incredibly tough times and I can’t help but think of her as my life angel. Through her existence and example, the mercy and grace of God has become so much more lucid to me. She is selfless and beautiful. And I love her. I wish I could add my mother here too, because she too has made huge differences in my life. But Laurie said we may choose only one.

2.Name the most uplifting song you have ever heard. The one that to this day either inspires you, moves you spiritually or emotionally OR gets your proverbial motor running. Give us the name, the artist and why it has the impact is has.

MrsM:”Let the river run” by Carly Simon. This song is so powerful. And I’ve known it since I was very very small. The song was written specifically for the 1989 movie Working Girl and according to this website it was not intended to have any political or religious overtones. I don’t appreciate the song in a religious way, though I’ve often interpreted it as such, I appreciate and love it for the powerful emotional tidal wave it causes within me. It means love. And acceptance. And peace. All at the same time.

3.The third and final question is one of whimsy and fantasy. Let’s say the spirit of Stan Lee pays you a visit in your sleep. It’s not a dream, it’s Stan Lee for God’s sake and he’s offering you a sweet deal: he and the scheister advertisers who hawk Venus Fly Traps and X-Ray glasses in the backs of vintage Marvel comics, want to give you one…ONE superpower of your choice. It can be anything your heart desires–from being able to fly; having superhuman strength; having ESP or being able to fully understand Titan’s QB, Vince Young when he speaks. You willingly accept the offer.What would your superpower be?

MrsM: I would wish for the ability to invent. If I could invent things, anything, flying shoe-boxes, chocolate-flavoured firecrackers, head-massaging pillows, devices that automatically empty out your urine, so you don’t have to do it yourself, perfect hairstyles every day I’d be much more resourceful. And being resourceful is a means of sustenance. Plus I’d be my own guinea pig. Head massaging pillows…hmmm.

I’m tagging LT, Gnome and the Divine Miss M for this one.

* This is hilarious



  1. *Speechless*
    Gee Mrs M. I really don’t know what to say. *HUG*

  2. You don’t have to say anything Gnome.

  3. Why, thank you Madamm! I appreciate the plug and the lovely things you said about me. Coming from you, it’s an even bigger compliment?

    Are you stateside yet??


  4. Almost there Laurie!!

    Credit should be given where it is due! Your blog is hilarious and interesting…

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