Posted by: madamm | October 8, 2007

I’m brave but I’m chiggen shit

I feel great.

No particular reason. Just for once I have nothing to complain about. I know my haphazard brain is probably storing something that could potentially upset me, like having to get a form from Home Affairs or something but my internal memo hasn’t kicked in yet, so I’m chilling.

Rumour has it, the Oompa Loompas of the American embassy are in negotiations to let me in on some important information soon. My sources are being frustratingly tight-lipped about it, however. I’m just cruising for now.

I drove thirty kilometres to Stellenbosch University to get one book I needed for my thesis this morning before work. I don’t even know if I need it, but better safe than sorry. And yes, I am quite sorry about my petrol. That’s so annoying.

There was no parking for me this morning when I got to work. Luckily my colleague had called earlier this morning to tell me that her car is in for a service and that I can have her spot. Bless.

I went to lunch with her and another colleague and bought a book in the restaurant, Frieda’s in Cape Town. It’s called One Tongue Singing by Susan Mann. The food was awesome.

I’m exhausted but it doesn’t matter because I have a pretty new dress I bought on Saturday. It’s orange. I love it.

I am sooooooo happy that South Africa beat Fiji. That was friggin close guys. I don’t even like rugby, but just remember: Winning is indeed everything! I mean that!

What a pity man…not a lotto people remembered they can tata ma’chance again!



  1. Sounds like a good day! Where is Frieda’s and what food do they do? I’m looking for some good restaurants to go to for when I come home in Dec 🙂

    My day is going. That is all. It is just going.

  2. Its in Bree Street. They do ciabatas, with stuff like pesto, mozarella, bacon and brie, stuff like that! Really laid-back setting. And you can buy books! I almost bought the whole shelf…but settled for the Mann book…next time, im getting Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.

  3. Ooo that sounds cool. I think it.

    I went to this wonderful Ethopian restaurant for dinner on Saturday night and got to eat with my hands. GREAT FUN 🙂

  4. I’ve always wanted to try that. What’s Ethiopian cuisine like?

  5. Was yummy! Really flavourful and fun to eat. A very sociable meal as the food is all placed on a platter in the middle of the table and you just scoop it up. I really enjoyed it.

    The coffee is the best too

  6. Susan Mann was one of our lecturers at UCT. Do you remember her? Or maybe she was just one of mine. I think she did Soapies. Did she?

  7. no no ,that was Jane Stadler…
    But I remember Susan Mann…long flowing hair…gypsy like outfits. ( I think)

  8. No man. Jane did fearful fantasy – horror and science fiction films. She did a lot more feminist stuff and psychoanalysis. Can’t picture her doing soapies!

  9. riiiiiiight.

  10. No Jane was from Australia and did the horror lectures etc The woman who’d dress up but didn’t shave her arm pits, it was distressing!

    I remember Susan Mann but I can’t place her …

    I still figure we all know each other …

  11. Must be. I’m pretty sure Susan Mann did soapies. I think Geneve was in her class. I did Fearful Fantasies with Jane Stadler, that’s why I know she didn’t do soaps. And I remember that pit hair!!! She’s back in Australia now. She was actually very, very cool.
    Andre Whatshername was weird though. The features writing dude. Do you remember the whole “fake it feature” debacle?

  12. I was randomly surfing when I found your site, and concur that Jane’s a very cool individual. She’s at UQ, Brisbane Australia now, and I’m lucky enough to have her as my Honours supervisor.

    She still does the dress-up thing too.

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