Posted by: madamm | October 4, 2007

Why Monday October 1 was an important day in my life

Monday 1 October was, quite possibly the shittiest day she ever had.

She has shit days all the time, of course. How could she appreciate the less shitty ones if the shittier ones weren’t around to annoy her? Or break her spirit. Or her heart. Or even her eating habits (which, come to think of it, might count as a positive in this case).

Nevertheless. Monday. A columnist like her (well, a little picture at the top of the page does count in a columny way doesn’t it?) was supposed to like Mondays. There would be no stress for at least another three days.

But everything else was wrong of course. Only she was acting as if it were all okay. Suddenly her phone rings. She picks it up, utterly annoyed at the audacity of this instrument to disturb her disturbed thought patterns. A woman speaks. She says”Im not going to tell you who I am, but right now I’m looking at your picture…”

In the newspaper. On a Monday. Only available four times a month. The woman says she’s paging through the newspaper and something about the minute, I tell you, the most microcosmic picture byline you could ever imagine tells her…that I am troubled.

She says she wants me to know that she’s thinking about me, and praying for me. And she reads me a verse from the Bible. I do believe I’ve never quite bawled like I did just then.

Of all the people, in the entire world of newspapers and picture bylines and of all the days of the week where hundreds of picture bylines appear daily I got a call. And a prayer and renewed faith in God.

And I’ll never forget it. Ever.



  1. Oh my soul. How weird is that?!

  2. Too strange. And amazing.

  3. The world is mysterious. And telephones are amazing.

  4. Telephones are both my most hated and adored means of communication.

  5. Agreed. I’m not loving them at all now though.

  6. Wow Mrs M. You really captured the moment in this post. Gave me goosebumps (again!!). God truly is amazing! YAY!

  7. It still does Gnome…it always will!

  8. Does sound amazing, I hope it made you feel better that knowing even complete strangers are thinking about you and hoping you’re ok 🙂

    *big hug*

  9. Thank you Miss M. Even you are a complete stranger and I feel like hugging you!!
    *hugs back*

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