Posted by: madamm | October 4, 2007

Fan Mail

I got a letter.

Okay, I always get letters but if you think I’m talking about fan mail, you are grossly mistaken.

Yep. I got a letter. In the letter I am introduced to the bowel movements of a sheila I know I am not related to. Why then? Why, does she proceed in great detail to inform me of her shit breaks? Because…well…she can’t.

She can’t do it, okay? Her turtle-head pokes and that’s all it does. And she thought that the new Yoghurt on the market everyone’s talking about – the one that helps keep you regular- yes the one with the pretty looking people talking oh so subtly about their regularity- would fix it. And now, because her stubborn turtle is acting…very turtelish…she decides to pick a fight with the yoghurt people.

Are you frigging serious dude.



  1. lol, I must admit I can understand this poor woman’s frustration. dis darem kak om nie te kan kak nie, sorry couldn’t resist 🙂

  2. Ha, ha, ha. No ways! Jirrie, some people have guts ne. Some even have blocked guts.

  3. Ja nee wat. Blocked being the operative word Toby! Dis definitief kak ja Batman. Superkak.

  4. My broe, what a shitty situation. ‘n Kak topic om oor te skryf.

  5. HAHAHAHA. I can’t believe it! This is hilarious.

  6. Umm .. without sounded stupid, why is this woman telling you this?

    I’d be scared, very scared 😉

  7. Im not scared Miss M. I’m scirrrrrred! I agree Gnome. I think she can’t believe it didn’t work though!

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