Posted by: madamm | September 28, 2007



Enough with the moaning and groaning. The stomping of feet. The impatience. The tardiness. The bullshit.

Does anyone else ever literally tell themselves to get over themselves, like I do? I mean, I chastise myself often enough to end up sulking about having been sulky in the first place. Or maybe that’s just me in my tiny little incongruent world.

It’s taken me two kak weeks to realise that sometimes I am imperfect and that that is perfectly alright. Without much ado, I give you: A list for Mrs M to live by (for real, yo)

Things that are important:
Satisfaction from all of the above

Things that I’ve forgiven myself for/gotten over/bitched about enough:

Making mistakes that hurt other people I cared about
Being selfish with my time
Not reading nearly enough books in the past two years
Picking up the 18 kg’s I lost in 2002. All of it.
Being too cynical and immature to realise the true value some people can bring to one’s life.



  1. Meisie, life is lekker en soe an. Enjoyit ma en as jy wil bitch, dan bitch jy 100%.
    Jy gan soe baie tyd het om te lees in Amerikrwa en jy gan healthy wies soes jou man en daai kilos veloor en what what.
    Jy is glattie immature nie en jy values mos die mense (jy’t dan vi my gese jy likes me en os het lekker kossies geiet).
    So fuggedabouddit en gan net an met alles.

  2. lo, I tend to agree with Toby on this one (ja it’s probably gonna snow tomorrow)

    but I must admit there aint nothing like a good pity party. any excuse to have chocolates and coke for breafast lunch and supper. oh that nogal sounds good now

    *batman suddenly feels the need to throw a little pity party of my own*

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