Posted by: madamm | September 18, 2007

PMS (yes, the real one)

It seems to be a blegh blegh world out there….

If people aren’t writing about “that time of the month” then they’re complaining about how that time of the month makes you grumpy.

I too find myself in this mysterious time frame at the moment. Though I’m not one to discuss the details of my misfortune regarding sanitary towels and the like, I find the uncomfortable reality of PMS both an inconvenience and a relief.

PMS is inconvenient because it temporarily blocks you from rationalising things in a sane manner. Any mishaps, disagreements or criticism is simply a no-go zone. Because if any of the above occur (or if someone makes a fat joke), you think you are a miserable failure not deserving of any praise and nod in sympathy when Meredith Grey’s mom calls her “ordinary”. Personally, I like to swear at people in my head and come up with all sorts of reasons as to why certain minions are useless, unoriginal and lazy slimeballs and how incredibly fantastic a thing Karma is.

But PMS is also a relief. You realise you’re not really going to jump off a bridge on the N1 because your favorite white shirt turned pink in the washing machine- because it’s just PMS. And you’re going to be fine. And there are still at least five people in the world who love you and even if there are less than five, that’s alright too.

You also grant yourself a free pass to as many chocolates as you please and don’t feel guilty about it for one second. And you find comfort in the small things. Even if the lazy, unoriginal slimeball bastards are still breathing…you can still get excited at little thoughts about crushing their plagiarising, insignificant has-been heads with an angle grinder.

Oh what a beautiful morning…



  1. PLUS: you know there’s not a mini-MrsM or MrM on the way…

  2. OF course…the OTHER relief!!! AAAH…

  3. LOL

    get an IUD…

    I haven’t had once since DW was born…

    It’s bliss I tell you!!

  4. IUD?…Mrs M feels stupid now…PMS being the culprit.

  5. I was going to say the same thing, Toby. That’s my relief every month 🙂 Short-lived as it is, though, still a relief 🙂

  6. a person is married, so it’s probably not the end of the world if a mini-me is on the way…but I know what you mean guys…

  7. I now know what an IUD is.
    Sounds scary.

  8. scary naah??

    IUD = Intrauterine Devices

    Hey it’s just permanent birth control (well mine stays in for 5 years), it’s actually quite refreshing to know it’s there and I don’t have to worry about any other little ones coming!!

    You don’t even feel it.

  9. ja, but its a TUBE dude…DOWN there…do you wash it?

  10. *feeling weird reading this*

  11. *also feels weird* but still wonders about the tube

  12. tube???

    wash it??

    Errr I think you thinking of something else!!!

    Mine specifically is just a little piece of plastic that has little wires hanging from it.

    You can’t see it or feel it, and it’s put in and stuck till you go to the doc 5 years later to get it removed or replaced…

  13. does it get rusty?

  14. lol

  15. Eew – for some reason I don’t want anything like that down “there”

    I’d rather deal with PMS! Plus it gives me good reason to chew people’s heads off and not feel guilty about it 😉

  16. hehehe…good luck!

  17. Hi Everyone. Here’s a new product for PMS– It’s a natural, dietary supplement for both the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS. There’s a cool commercial on the site too. Check it out.

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