Posted by: madamm | September 17, 2007

Being Random

Weekend was productive enough for me to have “finished” another chapter of my thesis. I say “finished” because you never know what they supervisor-person will have to say about it.

Mom and Dad are leaving for a week next week. I’m having anxiety attacks about running the house- this from a married person, mind.

Even though it bothers me to be so mean, I didn’t reply to an e-mail from someone I was friends with a long time ago.

Do people think it’s okay to “swing” when they’re married? Call me old-fashioned, but the entire notion makes no sense to me at all.

I’m browsing the Internet for jobs in Raleigh, North Carolina…so far…nothing particularly marvellous stands out…

I ate potato chips this weekend. I vowed I wouldn’t for a while…that’s the problem with putting such restrictions on myself…”a while” is not specific enough…could range from four hours to four years…with me being more likely to fall into the former category.

I’m (shock, shock,horror) reading a book that has nothing to do with blogging. It’s about a Greek God called Perseus…similarities to J.K. Rowling abound.



  1. You loon 😉 Me thinks you’re like me and analyse things too much! hehehe

    Just eat the potato chips without guilt! We’re both going to do it anyways. hehehe

    I suppose those people who do do the swining think it’s okay to do and those who don’t think that it isn’t. People have strange ideas sometimes but then they probably think that we’re strange!

  2. I just don’t understand how it can be strange to want to be in a monogamous relationship.

  3. sad part is it happens here so much (well in military circles)…

    So that just adds to the fact of why I keep to myself and want nothing to do with military families!!

    Sad but true!!

  4. Dear John letters abound…

    Have people no sense of…decorum?

  5. I don’t think it is strange to be in a monogamous relationship at all! I just was saying that they don’t think it is strange and they think it is completely acceptable because it is something that they enjoy and we can’t really judge them on it as long as all parties are in agreement and think it is ok. It gets dodgy when one person in the relationship doesn’t want to do it but is being forced or coherced by their partner to do it!

    My brain hurts now.

  6. You should read the latest Marie Claire (SA). There’s some sex confessions that will make you think twice about the strangeness of a monogamous relationship. Ek bring dit more.

  7. ja, just bring it.
    Miss M, we shouldn’t judge, I know…but it’s weird man. And it looks so forced most of the time.

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