Posted by: madamm | September 14, 2007

And the beat goes on…

Today, I am in a very good mood.

And there isn’t even a reason. I just wanted to say, to all my wonderful friends…thank you for everything you mean in my life!

To the lady-who-was-rude-to-me-and-now-needs-my-help: Cry me a friggin river, lady.

To Kate McCann: If you did it, please say so already. PLEASE.

To the US Consulate: You’re testing me. But it’s okay. I’ve got daisies, in green pastures…who could ask for anything more?

To my husband: Thanks for dedicating a 50 cent (a.k.a “Fiddy”) nommer to me!

To Toby and Gnome: You guys are phenomenal friends!

To LT: I cannot wait to see you!

To Laurie: Thanks for the great e-mail!



  1. *Toby refuses to think of Mrs M’s departure*

  2. *Mrs M wasn’t trying to remind Toby*
    how about a chocolate’s friday after all?

  3. Wow you are in a good mood!!!

  4. Meisie, I’ve had two moerse Romany Cream-type biscuits before 10.30. A half-finished peppermint crips languishes in my drawer and I’m sipping a vanilla and honey smoothie right now. i’m sugared up to the MAX!

  5. Yay Mrs M 🙂 I am so glad that I can call you my phenomenal friend too!

  6. I am LT, Im in a very good mood. was telling gnome how much I look foward to seeing you someday. Ons gaan lekker skinner PLUS I eat with a fork AND knife dude…gonna be awesome!
    Okay Tobes…maybe not a choccie..can I interest you in a microwaveable carrot?
    Gnome!! I think our great conversation this morning set my mood for the day, buddy!! YAY!!!!

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