Posted by: madamm | September 13, 2007

How do you spend most of your time?

Gosh, I really really love my husband.

That was the most important thing I wanted to get off my chest for now. Last night I had flapjacks and Smirnoff Spin with Meags where it occurred to me that we agonise about the same stuff.

Scenario One: You and your loved one disagree on an issue. And you start typing up an e-mail. The wording in the e-mail alone takes you four hours and checking that you’ve conveyed to say what you mean, takes another two. That’s almost a whole work day. Often you don’t even put lovey’s e-mail address in the address bar. You just want to “get it out there.” Then, before you know it, the day’s over and you didn’t send the e-mail. That’s happened to me before though sometimes I want a piec’a my mind to get into that inbox ASAP and just hit send. After which I agonise all day about the message being received in the manner I want it to be received.

Scenario Two: You want to expand your frame of reference. But now you must decide if you want to know more about North America or Africa – the former being the place you’re moving to, so learning more is not going to hurt but the latter being the place you’re from so telling others about it will in some cases, help lift the veil of ignorance, and in others, you will confidently contribute to talking positively about your home country/continent. Before you know it, three hours have gone by.

Scenario Three:

MrsM:hey guys, do you think Prince Harry and Chelsea do it?
Jane: For sure they do it…
Ally: All redheads have that look about them…the one that makes them  pick you up and bang you against wall.
J-Meister: Geeziz Alice…
Toby:So what about Jane’s ex, then? He had red hair.
Jane: To all you virgins: thanks for nothing.
MrsM: Your theory is disproved Ally.

And then, before you know it, it’s time to go home.

Scenario Four: You start to write a post on your blog….




  1. Hee, hee, hee. *Toby can think of worse ways to spend her day*

  2. Like shopping for “worn”panties at Woolies Tobes?

  3. Oh that’s just mean. Just mean. Ek soek net virgin penties virrie antie wattie ongetroudes wil he nie.

    I love the word panties, it always makes me giggle.

    Did you guys know that the word “pants” here is used for underwear and not what we consider “pants” like jeans etc.

    So I keep saying, ya I think I’m going to wear a top and pants out tonight and there is dead silence …

    Or I didn’t have any clean pants this morning so I wore a skirt …


  5. OH my word!! That’s hilarious miss m.

  6. Friggin hilarious! So what do they say when you say “I are wearing the jean pant…”

  7. My husband and I argued about the word pants.
    He says it’s you’re wearing a PAIR of PANTS and I say THIS PANTS.
    He can’t understand it.

  8. I alternate between the two, that is when I’m not speaking to the English.

    I r wearing a Jean Pant just amuses me 😉

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