Posted by: madamm | September 13, 2007

All wimped out

Have you ever wimped out?

Do you find it hard to tell someone to bugger off with their sales pitch?

Am I alone in my wimped-out state?

You may already know that this week I invited a pool salesman in for a chat about heart disease. His secretary called me the next day with wonderful news: I had won an aromatherapy session straight to be handed out at a presentation…

Cry me a friggin river already. Letters, pages and pages of agony are addressed to me every other day. About this very thing. But nooooo…

Last night someone was trying to sell Meags a pyramid scheme. (Or so she says). She wanted to invite me in too…but Meags knew she better keep me away from the sales people because I’d probably ask them to explain point 4.6 again.

I’m SUCH a wimp. DAMMIT!



  1. I once signed up to one of those charity organisations who attack you on the streets of London just so they’d leave me alone. I then of course went home and called my bank to cancel the direct debit so I do know what you mean.

    I feel bad saying no … I once signed up for health care insurance for Cancer because I couldn’t say no. Yet again I cancelled that on the sly! 😉

  2. I don’t even know HOW to cancel it on the sly, the shit just HAPPENS to me.
    Im such a SUCKER!!!!

  3. I’m too nice to say no, you should see the shit I end up doing because of that! *sighs*

  4. Mrs M now wonders what Miss M does because she can’t say no…

  5. Well I was just sifting through a suitcase of clothing a company has sent us to dress the Celebs on the show and ticking off what was in there because I couldn’t find a way to say no when I was asked if I would mind.

    The other things are private … 😛

  6. I usually have the same problem. But the other day some guy phoned and wanted to sell me a tracking device for my personal vehicle. I could say with a clear conscience that I don’t have a personal vehicle!

  7. Hey, what happened to my comment???

  8. what did you say TOby?

  9. Obviously something dodgy and bad. 😉

  10. Ai. I gave a whole friggin list of tips on what to say to these people. Yoh. All gone, just like that.
    Minute vi daai.

  11. WordPress is on that BEEEEEEEEEEE. SSSSSSSSSSSS!

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