Posted by: madamm | September 11, 2007

Ten Things

Ten things that just are the way they are for me.

1. I’m full of crap. I know a few people who’ll serve as living testimony to this statement. I’m full of crap, but I’m not unreasonable though.

2. Sometimes, despite my education, I do stupid things. Like last night. I opened the door for a salesman who wants to sell me a pool that will calm my heartrate. I did his survey. And now I think I’m gonna die of heart failure.

3. One other reason I don’t do Facebook, is because people from the past, really have no other place but to stay right there. In the past.If I’m not friends with you today, there’s probably a good reason for it.

4. I didn’t even listen to Pavarotti like that, but his voice gave me goosebumps the other night.

5. I’m a self-confessed pop music lover. Gimme Gwen, Pink, Madonna and a bit of alternative rock here and there. It gets me going.

6. I’m not lazy…but I’m not the most active person in the world either. I’d rather climb Lion’s Head ten times than write another masters thesis though. If that explains anything.

7. I think the people who don’t want mixed relationships on one of SA’s biggest soap operas “because their children watch it” should go to hell.

8. I don’t trust everyone I’m close to. That’s just not realistic.

9. I don’t know exactly where life is leading me, but I have a good idea of how I’m going to get there.

10. I believe in God. And Karma.



  1. Lol at 2,3,6. I feel you on 7,8,9 and totally relate to 1!

  2. see, being full of crap is not a sin! He REALLY wanted to sell me a pool man…and now he has my number. EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

  3. Nooit, why did you give him your number?

  4. Because Im stupid.
    And I’ve already won a free aromatherapy session. Just got the call.

  5. *snigger* Silly person 😉

    I always tell them to “go fuck right off”

  6. Fortunately you won’t have that number for long so it’s ok.

  7. well, that depends on how long I can ward him off. My mom came in there and said she doesn’t want any special deals and then said to him: She (referring to me) is leaving one of these days…so take HER number. Im screwed.

  8. hey your no 10 is BIG on my list!!!

    I’m telling you karma can be a bitch!!

    Now I try to be her best friend!!

  9. hehehhe. She’s not that easy to get along with, but she really is a bitch. A faithful one you can count on…

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