Posted by: madamm | September 10, 2007


The weekend was both fun and fruitful. I wonder how often that happens at the same time?Good thing too, because the regular Monday BS was waiting for me the second I walked through those lifts.

Complaints about complaints. To top it all, I made a risky move in my column last week. I wouldn’t say it backfired, but rather, I think I wish now I hadn’t. Why go to such measures to promote transparency when out of all the stories, that’s the one someone chooses to complain about? What did I achieve? Transparency? Perhaps. Accountability. Maybe. Yet somehow it seems shot to shit when the factual accuracy of the comments are questioned – and not even specfically – just in general.

It really grates my nerves. Anyway, enough with the journo mumbo-jumbo. I’m pissed off but life, does in fact, go on. Did a pretty decent job on the thesis this weekend. I’m impressed with me. Saw all my cousins on Friday night. Talked crap ’til 2 in the morning. ‘Twas fun.

Still pissed off though.



  1. Oe meisie, what twat sat on your sunshine parade? I think you did the right thing. As hulle wil tjank, it is not your problem. Tsek vi hulle amal.

  2. ai Toby if only it were that easy. We still have the music to face- and my nine days of leave aint gonna help.

  3. I hope it all works out well – I’m sure you’ll be fine!

  4. Gan jy alwee op leave?! Of issit virrie sturry?

  5. thanks Miss M!I think it’ll be alright How was your weekend?And yours Tobes?Nee, I HAVE NINE DAYS at my disposal…ek moet nog JHB toe meisie… you never know what else Im gonna need, so werk maar spaarsamig en so aan…

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