Posted by: madamm | September 5, 2007

We Need To Talk About Stanley

I have a little cloud.

Did I tell you about it? I don’t even want to dignify its presence by giving it a name but for the sake of lightheartedness let’s call him Stanley. Stanley visits me sometimes (he’s not as regular as his distant cousin, PMS) but he makes his rounds every other month.

He was around while I waiting for the paperwork to be approved, and sometimes he comes and goes while I work on my thesis.

Stanley descended upon me again this morning when I got to work. When I opened up an e-mail from my husband about all the documentation I need for my visa interview. Don’t get me wrong, I’m basically one medical exam away from having all the paperwork (yes, all 974 documents) I need for the interview. It’s just that it dawned upon me this morning that I’ll probably be unemployed for a while. As in a few months. And that upsets me very very much.

This is nobody’s fault. Work authorisation takes up to 11 weeks to process after which I can apply for a social security number after which I have official authorisation to work. But that’s three months (or more) of doing nothing. Maybe it’s a good thing, but if you’re like me (young, ambitious and constantly busy) it’s really a bummer.

I hope to know whether I’ve been successful with my masters thesis by then at least. I’ve been working so hard. Stanley descends upon my optimism sometimes. He is not a merciful cloud at all. Today he leads me to believe that I’ll have nothing to look forward to in terms of having a job for a while.

And its taking everything I have not to let him get the better of me today.



  1. Oh Mrs M, tell Stanely to back the fuck off because I am spoiling for a fight today and beating the shit out of him would make my day.
    Take the three months as a chance to explore and get to know the place. An extended holiday if you will. Then when you start working you’ll be acclimatised and all that. En dan se jy vi Stanley hy moet is sy moer gan kryp!

  2. That’s a good idea Toby, I think what I need most is to be okay with being jobless for a while, that’s all. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get that part of the process done.

  3. Don’t let Stanley take you down! He is a right bastard 😦
    Being jobless can be depressing but remember that you are not jobless because you’re talentless but more in a job hiatus whilst you become “legal” 😉 Take the time to do things you always wanted to, perhaps write your own short story or learn a new skill. There is plenty you can do whilst you’ve got free time. Plus once you go back to work you’ll be cursing it and wishing you were “unemployed” again!


  4. I agree with DMM (your name is too long darling). Skryf ‘n boek. Write me long letters so I can brag about my Amerikwa stamp.

  5. Oh wow…you guys, you’re really making my day…write a book!! A short story…a new skill..
    and think of all the books (that are not about blogging) that I can read…and maybe I can do my drivers and start learning the roads…
    Join a society…

    Toby, I’ll definitely write you letters. And post them. I’ll write you too DMM, if you send me a mailing address.

  6. DMM is ok 😉

    MrsM – I’m so glad that we’re making Stanley disappear into a pretty blue sky. There really is so much you can do with your free time 😉

    I’d definitely love long winded letters about living in the US 😉

  7. You can read all the Roald Dahl books in the world. You can read The Kite Runner, The Book Thief, The Time Traveller’s Wife…oh the books you could read. Time, glorious time. Wish I had some of it.

  8. So strange this meeting through blogs huh…Toby, DMM…
    All three of us once hurried along Jammie Steps, bought something (probably cigs) at McHarry(s) and watched Peter Anderson’s tic- perhaps we even watched Iwo Jima and All’s Quiet on the Western Front. so here’s to UCT!

    I can’t say my best student years were spent there (those definitely go to Stellenbosch) but wasn’t bad for a BA!

  9. True, true. I was probably blomming in the language lab trying to tease beautiful-but-dumb Graeme to admit he’s from the Flats.
    Or hanging out at Nescafe smoking.
    Or in the space between Arts & Beattie, smoking. Or on the stairs, smoking. Quite a chance meeting this is, yes Mrs M.

  10. I used to hang out on the Lesley steps, smoking. And outside of Arts Block, smoking. And by Nescafe, smoking. Bit of a theme going on here isn’t there?

    Toby – who was the beautiful-but-dumb Graeme?

  11. Hey, you need three months here to figure out why the women are the way they are here!!!
    (it’s gonna take more than three months but didn’t want to scare you!!) *oops*

    Yeah you need to come over and just chill…. going from one job to the next and just working, working, working will really be taxing, so enjoy your vacation!!! trust me you’ll need it!!!

  12. my experience with the women in the US is that they’re crazy/jealous/silly-beyond-understanding/childish…and did I mention jealous?

  13. nope you missed jealous!!


    so sad but true…

  14. *Sigh….

    Can I come visit?


  15. Graeme was the lovely chiselled-face boy in my French/Eng Lit/Media/Film classes. But the minute he opened his mouth and revealed his IQ, his appeal plummeted. He always had some kinda groupie girl hanging on to him.
    Did you know Carol perhaps, DMM?

  16. Carol? Carol who had the bf in Canada?
    Or is that a different Carol?

  17. Carol? A teacher? A student? Does this Carol have a surname or is she like Madonna?

    *sigh* I want a hot boy.

  18. Actually I just want a boy, and not a Boy with Girlfriend 😦

  19. You’ll find him Bridget, you’ll find him.

  20. Don’t want Boys. Want Men. With Brains and Money.
    Carol was a student and did her Masters there too so I thought you may know her.
    Mrs M, the BF is now the hubby.

  21. You’re married too Toby?! Oh my god, I seriously suck at this whole finding a man thing *sob sob sob*

  22. No! Toby’s not married (yet!).

    Bridge….don’t despair man…You like, live in LONDON dude…and you’re in TV and you’re a fun (blog) person

    Calling you Bridge from Bridget Jones, could you tell?

  23. No, no, no. Oh dear Lord, no. I was talking about the elusive Carol with the Canadian hubby.
    Me married? Ha, ha, ha. No friggin way José!!!

  24. DMM, you are indeed a fun blog person, your pic looks pretty and you’re witty and clever (can’t pass UCT without cleverness, ya know). Don’t you let Stanley rain on your parade too!

  25. *Toby ponders whether she should share…she decides*
    I was reading so quickly that, for a minute or two, I kept on thinking Stanley was a turd. Too many posts in my head!

  26. Awwww thank you guys!!! I’m getting all teary eyed here 😉

    Naah I’m just really bad at picking the right men and get stuck with these total morons = Boy with Girlfriend as the prime example

    Bridge, ye I like it 🙂

  27. hahahaha

  28. Stanley may as well be a turd, he just makes everything shitty.

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