Posted by: madamm | September 4, 2007

Not at the table, now

The Early Bird Catches the Turd.

It’s taken me a lot of courage to broach this topic, but seeing as how I have a turdlehead poking right now…I wondered.

Do you use your work’s loo to do the Mambo? I’ve got a bunch of regular mates here who share my sentiments:      

                                     When it’s time, it’s time.

We even have a time-table.



  1. I must admit I am not one of those people. I hate going into the loo at work (those communal things) and getting other people’s turd smells. Awful is not the word.

  2. That was actually me. Not Gnome. WordPress is up to its usuals.

  3. I just wrote another comment about this on someone elses blog actually.

    I have issues with cubicle loo’s, there is something about knowing that someone else can hear my pee’ing that freaks me out slightly. I tend to stop and start a lot.

    Right now when it is my “scheduled” time for a No 2. I’ve been eyeing the toilet and watching to see when it is at it’s most empty.

    So fair I’ve been ok, but we’re only on day 2 in the new office 😦

  4. So you do the Mambo at work Miss M!!
    I know TObes…Turd smells are AWFUL! But sometimes I really can’t keep it in. IM also like that though…I wait for everyone to leave.

    Loos are for shitting, no?

  5. Yes I do, it is a way of me sticking my middle finger out and going “Fuck you all” 😉

  6. Its my way of getting rid of unwanted toxins. Like slap chips on a roll.

  7. Its just SUCH a relief afterward…
    I can see clearly now, the turd is gone…

  8. Oh my gosh, our conversations have gone south haven’t they?

    I am thoroughly disappointed that no one came up with any violence in the workplace! I thought someone must have some funny stories about that 😦

  9. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t. It just won’t manifest. Something psychological about that, I’m sure, but my sphincta is the most uncooperative thing in my body (after my hair, that is).

  10. well yeah…promise our convos are usually civilised Miss M!!

    violence in the workplace. There was that tubby guy whose head I wanted to smash in once…that’s about it.

  11. The 3 of us are really lowering the tone 😉 It’s like the 3 muskateers, shall we invade someone elses blog and talk utter crap too?

  12. tobeeeeeee? wanna invade someone’s blog and talk about crap?

  13. I’m starting to think that none of us do any work …

  14. we do…

    Occasionally…but Toby and I often talk about how we blog and comment for 2 to 3 hours a day. It’s absurd.

  15. Ya, mine will have to tone down soon because my show will kick off in a big way in about 2 weeks and then it’ll just be work work work work work with the occaisonal hysterics thrown in for good measure 😉

  16. I would LOVE to talk about crap. Kak topics are my forte. And invading blogs are lekker…

  17. I hope you’re going to tell us what it’s about. Plus, we multitask – blog here, story there, comment here, caption there. All in a day, dear, all in a day.

  18. My new show? Well I don’t know if I can devulge such information …


    Naah I started working on “I’m a Celebrity … Get me Out of Here” yesterday. Some lovely British reality show filmed in Oz with D-list Celebs. Google it if you’re interested, it is apparently massive over here

  19. Sounds totally drama-queenish! And lekker…come to think of it.
    So do you just move from project to project? How does TV production work exactly?

    Did you study TV prod?

  20. Well you got contracted onto different shows, it is all freelance work really so you end up jumping from company to company.

    I studied Film, Media and Visual Studies but you don’t really have too, just have a thick skin and be prepared to graft very hard.

    You don’t want to do it.

  21. That’s great! I studied Film, Media and Visual Studies too. At UCT between 2001 and 2003.

    Toby was at UCT too. In exactly the same time-frame….

  22. Uh oh … 😉

    I studied there from 2002 – 2004

    *The plot thickens*

  23. Indeed.

  24. Sjoe, our paths must’ve crossed at some point. Did you also have Peter Everyone-Thinks-He’s-Hot-Except-Me Anderson?

  25. Sjoe, our paths must’ve crossed at some point. Did you also have Peter Everyone-Thinks-He’s-Hot-Except-Me Anderson?

  26. Feel like I’m barging in here, but would love to give my 2 cents on the poo issue. Thankfully we have a single loo that locks at work. But unfortunately it is in the back office where 3 people have there desks and sit rather quietly. I also only go if I REALLY need to. But then I usually put some loo paper in the loo before-hand to buffer the splash… If you know what I mean. “PLOEP”. Hehe. And then I use LOADS of loo spray – strategically while the flushing noise is going. 🙂

  27. Strategic, Gnome. Very strategic.

  28. You have planned this well Gnome, very well indeed. 😉

    Yes we probably did cross paths quite a bit. Peter Anderson was a special one wasn’t he? I heard he liked having affairs with young female students …

  29. He has a daughter named Molly.

  30. Eeeuw. I didn’t like his tic (I don’t generally not like people with tics but him I did not like).
    I also heard about the student affairs. PRobably why I don’t like him!

  31. Did you have Prof Glenn too? You would’ve been in the year ahead of us, I assume? Did you do honours there too?

  32. Prof Lesley Marx, Dawid Schalkwyk…who else…

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