Posted by: madamm | August 31, 2007

Louda and louda

She’s got a ringtone from HELL.

It’s a remix of an 80’s song. And it’s LOUD.

She’s loud too. So loud she was once overheard arguing with someone else about having a potential STD.





    I work in TV – our entire office is trying to out do each other in the loud stakes. I think I’ll need a hearing aide before long

  2. Speaking of which, my friggin ears HURT!
    Miss M, your director posts… Is this person for real?!

  3. Yup. Everything I am posting is actually real. I so love my job.

    He is actually the worst one I’ve worked with, a complete pain who thinks he makes “films” and not observational documentaries for television.

  4. well, tell him to visit to go live in his Italian neo-realism-French-new-wave-world or GET WITH THE PROGRAMME. Sheesh, he’s a scream though. Seriously.

  5. Unfortunately in 2 hours I no longer have to deal with him – I’m moving onto another bigger better show in the same company. However I trust you that this one shall provide with just as much entertainment 😉

  6. Well that’s wonderful! All the best to you! Is it Journalistic TV you do?

  7. If you can call it that. I work in Production, so all the organising side of it but basically anything ranging from food shows to reality shows to documentaries. It’s all good. What is it that you do in Journalism?

  8. That sounds super exciting. Im an editor of a column. At a daily.
    It’s both fantastic and awful!

  9. Oh I know that feeling so well. Sometimes I think that I hate and love my job in equal bouts. It does however provide me with plenty of giggles, I just hope that no one from the shows discover me 😉

  10. Yeah, better not let them. I suspect there are people here at the office who know about my blog. My only hope is that they’re too busy to read it. I wonder what your director would do if he read your blog. LOL

  11. Probably nothing – he wouldn’t even realise I was talking about him or most likely he wouldn’t realise that I was taking the piss out of him. Got to love it.

    Editor … nice … I sometimes wish I worked on the creative side of things, but then again I don’t want to lose my grip on reality!

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