Posted by: madamm | August 31, 2007

By dose is blocked

I don’t think my husband is a regular guy (like normal, not Activia regularis).

Only one thing makes me say this, and maybe perhaps it’s far too insignificant for me to even make a statement like that, but seriously, even my dearest mother is a victim of that which, thankfully, did not befall me.

C has been sick a few times in the two years I’ve known him. Not often. Just like twice a year with a cold, maybe. He’s been sick while I was around and he’s been sick while I was on the phone. Never, not once, I repeat NOT ONCE, did my husband act as if he is officially dying. Never did he lay there, whimpering (like I did once, but it was REALLY BAD and he was so so good to me!), wincing in pain. He always got up for class (and now work) and said as an afterthought he might need to rest for a while. That’s all.If I recall correctly, C has taken ONE sick day for the whole of 2006 and 2007 thus far.

On the other hand, I might be a dude (okay, not really) but I’m the one who is grumpy and talks about my imminent death and cries and wants meds (NOW) and sleep. Im the one who has a few sick days left for 2007 alone.

Daddy does it, and your man probably does it too. So, I’m really quite impressed to tell you, my husband is NOT a regular guy and I am!



  1. I’ve never had the flu *touch wood* So I’ve never had the chance to be really sick and see what I’d do , I’m not complaining, because I can’t afford to get sick, it’s not like I can stay home from work HAHA.

    But J definitely does get it bad and feels horrible, but he too can’t call in sick either, so I haven’t experienced him sick in bed yet… So we’ll see.

    Double up on the meds with a glass of wine and go to bed!! 🙂

  2. Man Flu amuses me … they usually claim to be dying from a slight case of the sniffles!

    If I was you I wouldn’t complain and I would take solace in the fact that your lovely husband doesn’t complain when he is ill and probably takes good care of you when you appear to think that you’re dying. It’s always nice to have the tables turned 🙂

  3. LT:you’re very very lucky! YOu’ve never had the flu? Dude, seriously?!
    Miss M:Oh Im not complaining about him at all (he’s lovely after all!) It’s ME, both of us are SICK right now and it suuuuuuuuucks! And he’s all okay with it!

  4. never ever Mrs M… never had a flu shot either, and never will!!
    Murphy’s law dude

  5. WEIIIIRRD!! *Raised Eyebrows*

  6. I hate flu shots, they make my arm ache for days after so I just avoid them like the plague.

    I don’t think I’ve ever actually had FLU flu, I’ve had really bad colds though but not what people harp on about as THE FLU

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