Posted by: madamm | August 30, 2007

The Queen of Wishful Thinking

I have a dream.

I dream of flip files and folders, neatly and conveniently packed on a shelf, marked in alphabetical order. In this dream, I’ve meticulously planned the arrangement of these and that they would include files with payslips, fines, payments,installment updates,visa immigration information, copies of visa immigration information,thesis notes (ringbound), library books and my own books.

My dream becomes even more intense when moving to my wardrobe. Sorted-like-only-a-long-lost-classmate would have it. By colour. Pastels on one side. Dark shades on another. Slacks vs Cropped pants. Cardigans. T-shirts. Jackets. Colour-co-ordinated.

If I want my pink hairclips from Woolies to go with the shrug I thought I’d lost I want to be able to find it.I want to know where the nailclipper is. Always. Luckily the SARS deadline is in October. (is it?)

I started realising my dream this morning  when I had all my thesis notes ringbound. About bloody time too. Here’s to me and orderliness.

For at least a week.



  1. I have the same dream! My work life is organised like that but I have yet to manage it in my personal life. I think I spend too much time organising everyone else at work that I have lost touch doing my own…

    Hmm … I think tonight I might head home and organise my wardrobe into seasons, colours, accessories and occasions ….

  2. My office is impeccable too! But only because I just returned from leave!

  3. The Divine Miss M, I think we both have a mission this evening…hee hee.

  4. So how did yours go? 😉

  5. UUUHH
    *Looks sheepish* I kinda sorta had to watch this show…

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