Posted by: madamm | August 9, 2007

Patriarchy in a dress

I was contemplating not writing a single thing today. That’s my right as a woman surely?

But seeing as how I am exercising what little right I do have as a woman to come in to work and prepare for what looks like a ridiculously stressful deadline, I may as well write something about  women’s day and all that.

Yes womanhood. To be honest, I find it exceptionally hard to sit and reflect on the meaning and purpose of the day on the holiday itself. Face it, do you really think about the youth on the 16th of June? And what about the 21st of March? Are you marching down streets for your human rights at all? Didn’t think so.

I’ve thought about women’s day a little before today though. Especially when Toby asked if it’s necessary to set aside a special day for women. Then interestingly, I read somewhere that someone had asked why men don’t get a special day.

To be quite honest, both men and women are unique (fancy that). And simply put, it is because of past oppression, denial of access and a host of other prohibitions that we now have days like Women’s Day and Youth Day, for example.

But I think it was the political analyst Aubrey Matshiqi (and I don’t know if he coined the phrase) who said that patriarchy can also wear a dress. I think therefore that one should be careful not to start patronising celebrated people. Perhaps we should find characteristics in people to celebrate.

Then things would be more equal.



  1. This day means absolutely nothign after news of the president’s dumbest decision ever reached my ears.

  2. this day meant fuckall even before then

  3. well put MrsM…:-)
    I don’t follow the news…what has the pres been up to?

  4. what’s the decision??

  5. President Mbeki fired the deputy minister of health and didn’t give a reason.

  6. I can’t even begin to tell you how I feel about this!

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