Posted by: madamm | August 7, 2007

So, how about the economy huh?

I’ve been attending a conference for most of yesterday and today.

It’s been interesting, I suppose. That would be the right thing to say wouldn’t it? Interesting.

However, I’ve often wondered about conferences of this nature. Why so much money is spent on it. Why people adore rubbing shoulders with other mere mortals so much. What are we supposed to take away from this?

Firstly I have previously stated somewhere else on this blog, that I am not a fan of small talk. I simply cannot stand it. There is and can be nothing sincere about striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know for no apparent reason.

Because the truth is, there are always reasons. Mr or Ms Big Editor. You’re thinking…”I must say something extremely erudite now or simply sink into these plush carpets…”

If you don’t know the person, you’ll simply strike up a conversation for the sake of having a conversation with someone.Maybe because you don’t want to stand alone or perhaps you’re just pretending to have a jolly old time for no apparent reason. Just last night a colleague was saying a big boss asked her about her job and as soon as she started talking he had this glazed look in his eyes and just said “uh huh”at the right moments.

That’s rather symptomatic of these kinds of gatherings. Why bother, I ask. Yesterday I stood in a line, raised my eyebrows and flashed a quick smile at people I knew from work and stood alone at a table drinking my coffee. Nothing about it bothered me, but it seemed to bother another colleague who kept waving me over to join their table.

I never feel special when I’m a delegate at a conference. Neither do I feel the need to stand around looking for opportunities to display sycophancy exchange pleasantries with people I do not care for in real life.

The reality of it is,one’s networking skills is a huge advantage in your career in the long run and it is something I do very often, albeit obligatory. It is also something I am extremely good at, if I may say so myself.

But that does NOT mean I have to like it.



  1. Hee, hee…

  2. whu evar!

  3. Like. Ya know. Like.

  4. Sooo like know

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