Posted by: madamm | August 6, 2007

On a day like any other…

You know how you go somewhere to find out something else and then end up paying a R400 fine for something you had completely forgotten about?

You know how you blowdry your hair and look fabulous indoors just to get to work and basically sprint to your building because there’s a merciless downpour and now your hair looks kak?

You know how your husband writes you saying you’re beautiful and intelligent and even “graceful at times”?

You know how you thought you had the right document for something and then find that you still have an old ID number on your original birth certificate because it classified you according to race when you were born and now you need to apply for a new one for overseas purposes which means dealing with the department of home affairs again?

You know how your favorite stockings  has a big fat hole on the thigh one morning?

You know how you ate Peanut Tumbles for breakfast?

You do?

That’s how you know you should have stayed in bed.



  1. I got a R400 fine last week. I should stop speeding but that means I must stay in bed EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  2. well now I don’t feel so bad, but Im still pretty pissed about EVERYTHING today. I’m actually wondering if I ever write about happy things cos usually Im pissed about something. I mean come on TOby. HOME AFFAIRS. Lord, have mercy on me.

  3. You wrote about your five montherversary and the fact that your hubby is coming here soon. That’s enough to be happy about – even in the face of a home affairs visit…

  4. blegh

  5. *Instant headache* (just from reading about your day). I really feel for you Mrs M. I always feel much more inspired by negative happenings. More intense emotions involved I think…

  6. inspiration…I beckon you then…

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