Posted by: madamm | August 2, 2007

Two Things

I want to talk about two things. But I’m going to do in one post.

Thing Number One

Carte Blanche seems to be getting a lot of flack for their show last Sunday. About the Gert Van Rooyen girls. I must admit when the show ended, I couldn’t help feeling cheated. Like, you -had- me -so -gripped- there -when- you- still- had- no- answers-cheated. Theirs was not an easy task I’m sure, but to be very honest, it felt like I was watching a television version of Die Son.

The clairvoyant. She looked very believable, I must admit. But it is my opinion that all she and this Krugel person did was open up a completely different can of worms when the team found the bones of four different males and two females. The show ended with how much closure the mothers got from watching the show. I guess closure means different things to different people. I think the show did some serious damage to Carte Blanche’s credibility.

Thing Number Two

I have to do another paper roundup. Employment certificates and driving records. It makes me feel kinda gatvol, thinking about it. I really dislike the running around after which I’ll still just be sitting around here waiting for better days. This waiting around crap is getting to me in a major way. But don’t mind me. You know I’m superhuman.



  1. bury them in paperwork, I give them way more than asked!!

    Did you notice fees went up?? It’s CRAZY!

  2. No I did not notice the fees went up.
    Great another tidbit to add to my list of misery.

  3. well you only have to deal with it in a bout 2 or so years, so don’t worry about it now.

  4. I sieker will worry about it…cos I worry about everything.

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