Posted by: madamm | August 1, 2007

Us Only

Happy August!

1 August. Feels like it was just yesterday that I lamented about the end of June and how I’ve heard nothing from the immigration people. I still haven’t.

But August is a month I am looking forward to very very much. For various reasons, but mostly the fact that my love is coming to see me and that we’re going to spend quality time together. Alone. We will not be living with my parents. We will not be seeing long lost aunts. Or uncles. We will not be attending birthday parties. I don’t think we”ll be visiting with friends either.

I know that sounds incredibly selfish, but I have to be honest about this. On Friday I will be married for five months. And if you’ve been following, you’ll know that I don’t see me husband. Not rarely, not sporadically. Never.

So I am firm in this decision. It’ll be us and ourselves only.



  1. We’re going to miss you Mrs M but know how much you’re looking forward to this so will look forward to later (censored!) updates. Hee, hee.
    Happy August to you to. You know August is the LAST MONTH OF WINTER?! Yay!

  2. Mrs M contemplates the doodsnikke of winter…and doesn’t like it!
    But of course, I plan to enjoy the little time away…it is so so needed.

  3. yeah it is….

    and immigration is a !@#!@#

    check my blog


  4. I read it!
    dammit man, I’ve actually tried very hard not to complain about it anymore.

  5. LOL not gonna happen!!!

    At least your hubby will be there soon, and you’re going to have a great time!!!

    Mine hasn’t even seen SA yet!!
    I wish we could just fly down for a holiday, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon 😦

  6. I’m so happy for you MrsM – you go and have some quality married life time. 😉
    How long is he here for?

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