Posted by: madamm | July 31, 2007

Employing Insight

At my job, people say hello to you one day and look right through you the next.

I don’t like to laugh or talk too loudly at my job. Somehow it just doesn’t seem to gel with the atmosphere. This is despite the fact that I share my office space with a group of visual cheerleaders (otherwise known as photographers).

People I don’t say hello to, are as a result of their not saying hello to me repeatedly causing me to finally stop trying. Because this is my first office job, I have nothing else to compare it to, but I’d like to think it’s not like this everywhere in the world.

Most walk around here with sullen faces. Hurriedly. If they’re nice to you, it’s usually because they need something. And that is the truth.

I have in the past while felt claustrophobia gripping me here at work. Like I’ve somehow overstayed my welcome when I said I’m getting married and leaving toward the middle of the year. Possibly this is paranoia on my part and nobody has thought it yet, but I’m definitely the personification of hanging in there.

It causes increased annoyance. Unnecessary stress. And undeniable frustration.

It’s hard to find joy here. Too much politics. Too much everything. You can imagine therefore how glad I am that I have a life and ambitions outside of this place.

How infinitely sad would it be if that weren’t so.



  1. too true Mrs M, soon you will be back here and a lot of the load will be lifted!!

  2. work for yourself 🙂

    I would not and cannot survive in the corporate world and … been working for myself since 26 years old … i thankfully dont have to deal with the crap thats associated with offices.

    However, im the worse trouble maker and stirrer, people always said i should apply for a job at the trande unions … they would make heaps of money and companies wouldnt have staff :/ bastids 🙂

  3. Mrs M, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it if I were you. The key is to finding one or two people who you like and spend time with them, even if just a few minutes in the day. It’s easy to get lost in a big corporate-ish office so rather just focus on some nice people and largely ignore the rest. It works for me…

  4. If I worked for myself, what would I do? (thinks..and thinks) I’ve never been able to answer that question and Im a year away from your starting point, Steven!
    I’m not going to lose sleep over it, Tobes. Thank you so much for the advice…I think I actually just care too much.
    I really shouldn’t.

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