Posted by: madamm | July 31, 2007

A load

So involved was I in the magical world that J.K. Rowling created that it seems I have now joined the ranks of a more erudite league. (scoff)

No, not really, but it astounds me how carried away people can get. Now, given I was not exactly the picture of sanity after being irritated by the media for days before I would find out what happened to the little boy who lived, but the story of Harry Potter, in my very humble opinion, is not a subtle addition to your horoscope on the newspaper’s entertainment pages.

Just like the Secret and the Da Vinci code, I find it both absolutely fascinating and incredibly laughable how people cling to conclusions as if it holds all the answers to life.

 Everywhere I look actually, there’s a Harry Potter story to be told. Last night, I read a story about an Indian man who opened a bank for poor people. And how profitable it’s been. How he was ridiculed for even contemplating investing in the poor. And how he showed them.

I also read about how grateful we should be for our brains. But that it cannot be trusted. And even so, you will never know whether your truth is the truth. You know, those kinds of philosophical assertions. Do you trust your mind?Most Dumbledorish, if you ask me.

Little messages. Every day. If I didn’t know better the things I read every day, could be events that take place in the most anticipated book in the history of books. And that’s what brings me to the conclusion that books like Harry Potter, and even the ones that we claim has brought us answers/light/closure may have served their purpose, but that we must never make the mistake of thinking ourselves the better for it, just because we have.

And that, in itself, is a load of hogwash.



  1. I loved that story about the Indian guy – how simple; yet so brilliant!
    Re the pretentious BS – I’m so with you on that! Get. Over. Yourself. People who read and love books don’t need to crow about their erudite abilities, now do they? 😉

  2. my point exactly. I think truly knowledgeable/rich/nice people never talk about it.EVER.

  3. At least not in a way designed to show off their knowledge/money/niceness, I don’t think.

  4. Very insecure people do it though…

  5. I realise…

  6. We shouldn’t judge…

  7. we shouldn’t, I agree Tobes. But we know when it happens nonetheless. I think maybe I’m even guilty of it sometimes.

  8. heya M,

    Listen … the story about the investing for the poor, have you got that article on hand anywhere? or you able to tell me where you read it?


  9. but … on the note of harry potter, her latest book … she managed to pull a corker on this one and make it better than the last two combined!

    I read it in a day and thoroughly enjoyed it … and hubby is currently reading it … and also says its better than her previous.

    Whereas, the movie, i was not impressed in the slightest, the movie was made on the book that had a huge influence of dobby in it and they decided not to put him in the movie. bad movie people …

    He is my fav charactor!!

  10. Hello Steven,
    The story is in this week’s You- it’s got Two people on the cover, I think they’re from Days of our lives and Dallas (don’t ask, I don’t know)
    Dobby is pretty cute, I love Dobs too…eerrr…Im confuddled…so you have a husband! Cool, when did you guys get married?

  11. lol … been involved for 7 years … we may as well be married 🙂

    However, officially, not yet – we are planning that in courts within the next two months 🙂

  12. You’re lucky Steven,

    here we are still dealing with Republican bull, and marriage is only allowed in a small number of states. It’s ridiculous

    I pray for the day people stop hassling people for their ways of life…

    I mean what is the big deal!!!!

  13. I thought you were in SA, Steven? YOu can mos get married here.

  14. hence why we doing it in court within the next twoish months 🙂

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