Posted by: madamm | July 27, 2007

She’s got jetlag

Sister B returned yesterday. Complete with now-back-in-fashion-JELLY (eek!)-shoes, clothes and a *Taliban scarf.

She brought me…(drumroll) :Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. And I’ve just reached Chapter Four. I felt a little out of touch what with having read the last book nearly two years ago…but still, I’m enjoying it immensely.

I think I might just need this weekend. Then we can all chatter…Gnome and LT? I was rather amused last night when I gasped suddenly and told Sister B about some or other twist of events in the book. She scolded me vehemently, shouting: EXCUSE ME, I’d like for you not to spoil it ’til I see the movie, okay?

She’s in for a loooong wait, I’ll tell you that. And you betcha, someone’ll leak something to her eventually…

Oh well, she’s got her Taliban scarf to keep her happy till then.

*Apparently its THE FASHION in London, the scarves Yasser Arafat used to wear. Also known as Pagad scarves. I ask you.



  1. mmmmmmmm

    LT goes out to by a scarf!!!


  2. Given your location my dear…methinks not.

  3. Cool Mrs M. Have a blast with the book! We’re waiting patiently for your review 🙂 Finally going to watch the movie on Sunday (had to wait for hubby to finish book 5 and friend to return from Germany). Woohoo. U better relax this weekend my friend!

  4. Jellies are right up there with Crocs…

  5. that’s what my mom said

  6. hehe

  7. hie hie

  8. ha ha

  9. Get with the program guys. We’ll see who laughs last in 6 months time when London fashion arrives in SA. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  10. What the hell is a Jelly shoe? Sounds nasty…

  11. Remember those jelly shoes in pink, black and clear from back in the day?

  12. DW wears crocs, and all the Doctors and nurses etc here wear them too… They are so comfy (haven’t bought any for me yet….

    but to loaf around in!! I think I might just go get it!!

    p.s) I had JELLIES growing up!! Loved them!

  13. Jellies are pretty much jelly-like rubbers shoes that could clobber a man to death if it needed to! They’re hideous. Sister B, I think I’d rather be a fashion frump than wear those!!!

  14. Ag man, Sister B…you can wear them, but just not now…okay?

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