Posted by: madamm | July 23, 2007

The Unforgivable Curse

Short of cutting myself off from the world, which would include not pitching for work, I have found that there is almost no escaping the Harry Potter craze of the minute.

Here I am, an eager Potter reader (not fan, I cannot get carried away with such ephemeral things), waiting for my copy of the latest and last book in the series (from London) and everybody is trying to tell me what happens. Apparently someone killed themselves precisely because someone had to go and spoil it for them.

I actually cannot stand it. I don’t want to read reviews, I don’t want to know what happens to Harry, or Hermione or Ron or ANYBODY. Because I want to enjoy my book in solitude. I am led to believe this is the most anticipated book in the history of bookdom, so, please for the love of Mary, why does everyone want to tell me what happens?

We’re too proud to admit we base our opinions of movies or books on reviews by the likes of Barry Ronge. We would never say that we thought Titanic was a wonderful love story out loud, because many have written it off as rubbish. Reading a review of a book or movie before the time, sets the frame of mind with which you page to the first chapter or enter that cinema. Like it or not, it’s true.

It is therefore more than likely that you are less likely to fully enjoy the last book Harry Potter’s  adventures from your own perspective what with the serpents or Spoildom hissing at you with their incessant hints at things to come.

FUCK OFF, please. I don’t want to know. Stop writing about it. I hate it that others want to tell me about something I want to find out for myself. but no, everywhere I turn there’s something. A bespectacled kid with oversized wizard-hat yawning on the front page of a newspaper(perhaps a sign that the last story is a bore?) or promises that Rowling will “astound” or stories about…well…what happens in the book!

For the record, I did not have my little sister stand in howling winds and torrential London storms for more than an hour to get me a copy just for the monster-muggles of the media world to give the damn plot away.

*Mrs M flicks wand at all forms of media* Avada Kedavra, I say!!



  1. You could go into hiding…

  2. I am contemplating this…seriously.

  3. I could really do with a bit of hibernation. Really!

  4. I think a three-day hibernation would see me come back a rejuvenated, less full of crap person!

  5. Or a week with a certain someone…?

  6. Indeed a week, a month…hell a year…
    Mrs M begins to contemplate these possibilities.

  7. Or maybe a lifetime??? Meisie, wiet jy van wie ek praat?

  8. I am back, for now I have finished the book…

    I too was hounded by people who had finished the book!!!!

    I was only able to deal with the audio book, because of DW so took me FOREVER!!!

    I LOATHE spoilers

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