Posted by: madamm | July 20, 2007

Ten Best

Toby’s gone and done it. She tagged me into revealing my ten best moments, as is her nature- to look on the bright side of life. So taking a leaf from her very optimistic (tree?) book, I reveal…my TOP TEN BEST MOMENTS.

1. Winning learner of the week in Std 4 for the first time.I still have the Tempo wrapper.

2. My first flight ever was international…and remains the best one because it was so exhilirating.

3. Travelling to Namibia with my parents for the umpteenth time. The beauty of it all…

4.Losing 18 kg’s in 4 months. Cabbage soup and water.

5.Meeting some of my best friends in 2004.

6. Travelling through six states by car in the USA in four days.

7. My wedding day, dancing with my husband til’ breathless and sharing the day with loved ones.

8. My suprise party for my 25th birthday.

9. Realising the hope of not living apart from my husband like this forever- it was not anything that happened more than it was something I revealed to myself.

10. Also realising that the decisions I make in my life are, after all…my decisions only. I OWN them.



  1. Ai cabbage soup… Remember I told u to brush your teeth to prevent evening snacks? Haha. Totally doesn’t work 🙂

  2. This is really me talking again. I pressed enter too quickly. Haha. *Gnome having a moment of insanity*. Often I’ve brushed my teeth and then my husband will be like “Let’s get a chocolate!” or “Let’s have popcorn!”. And I’ll be like… Ok. And then have to brush my teeth again. Even more annoying.

  3. i remember…i even did it for a while…and stayed up forever cos of your moms card

  4. LOL!!

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