Posted by: madamm | July 19, 2007


If you’re already in the hole, stop digging.

Unfortunately Mrs M lives in those foot-in-mouth-holes. And proved her residence once again last night…when someone says: “Yeah, don’t you know Mrs M, she’s Toby’s best friend…”

And Mrs M answers: “Oh no, we’re not best friends, we’re very very good friends.”

Pray tell..somebody…what on earth is the difference between best and very very good? Does it even matter at this stage of one’s life? Because Toby Hanks is in fact a FANTASTIC person and I adore her friendship very much. Without a doubt, best comes to mind.

I didn’t want to be so forward as to say, beste maatjies, if perhaps Toby had other best mates in mind and then think I was claiming to be her best buddy (because she is in fact about as close to me as my own mother in many respects), so I rather just stopped digging (after explaining about all the best mates-kinda-things Tobes has done for me, including putting up with me in an extremely melancholy mood in her flat and gooing the best (there’s that word again) surprise party ever!)

Just take the spade. Now.



  1. Hee, hee, hee, hee. You are so funny. Don’t worry about it skat – I know what you meant! You really didn’t need to give me the M&Ms to apologise.

  2. M&M-Mostly Mortified

  3. Ha, ha, ha. You have not lost your sense of humour amidst your business Mrs M!

  4. It’s all I have in trying to cope with it all me dear…all I have. Seriously, it just made me think about when I was a little younger and would say I don’t have best friends only a handful of people I am really really close to, perhaps not taking into account that the other person may have thought I was their best friend and me not wanting to attach labels to this whole best friend business.
    Put it this way, I am closer to you (in proximity and friendship) than anybody else.

  5. *Gnome folds her arms anrgily* And I thought you were MY best friend!
    *Kidding* (made you stress there for a second Mrs M…)

  6. GNOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Am having deja vu of high school now…remember the JP episode, with the best friend bit? URRGH. You are my best friend also, GNOMIE my HOMIE!!!!!
    I think you and Tobes are THE BEST FRIENDS from now on.

    mrs m loves you both.

  7. Hihihihihihihi. Totally remember the JP episode! OMG. How petty. I am totally content to just be your “normal” friend Mrs M 🙂 Love you too!

  8. I just want to be more than an acquaintance to most and I’m SUPER!!!

  9. love you LT!!!!!!you are super!

  10. Oh Mickey, you’re so fine,
    You’re so fine you blow my mind
    Hey Mickey! Hey Mickey

  11. oh mickey what a pity you don’t understand…

  12. Mickey was a gay icon apparently. Who would’ve thought?

  13. lol

  14. they ALL WERE~!!

  15. Even Daffy and Pluto???

  16. oh, you’re talking about Mickey Mouse.
    Someone…take me now.

  17. What were you thinking Mrs M?

  18. The Mickey from Oh Mickey you’re so fine…
    Isn’t that a real mickey?

  19. that’s what I thought??

  20. But which Mickey was that? Who would’ve known who that Mickey was???

  21. We need to ask someone gay…

  22. Mickey O’Rourke.

  23. Oh, I so don’t think he is gay. Is he???

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