Posted by: madamm | July 17, 2007

Worst, Worse, Worser

It’s been an incredibly busy day, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t let my mind wander…to…the random-ten worst-day-of-my-life-moments ever! I am tagging Toby and LT for this…

Worst Moment One:

Preaching to my grade six peers (I was class captain) about discipline when all of a sudden, from nowhere a pink sqeaky toy mouse comes flying at me, only to rebound with a loud SQUEEK from my forehead. I don’t believe there was ever so much laughter at my expense.

Worst Moment Two:

Getting told I will be good at field athletics cos I’m top heavy.

Worst Moment Three:

I was only 11 when my water polo instructor decided to let the entire audience at the game know that we (i.e.ME) do not play water polo with our tits!

Worst Moment Four:

Failing my first driving test.

Worst Moment Five:

Seeing my school teacher emerge from the local porn shop. And him seeing me.

Worst Moment Six:

Getting dumped by some loser, which is a good thing now that I come to think of it.

Worst Moment Seven:

Having to cut out pieces (yes,PIECES) of hair because the person who applied the relaxer was new.

Worst Moment Eight:

Getting sworn at by a beggar for ignoring him.

Worst Moment Nine:

Telling my editor, in no uncertain terms after having to hear a French impersonation for the umpteenth time to (seriously)  get a life.

Worst Moment Ten:

Realising that you must outgrow some people.



  1. #10 —– sad but true

    Worst # 11 — People not commenting on your blogs, because they obviously find them uninteresting!!


  2. no no, dear…there are a myriad of factors. Including the fact that some people aren’t logged in to blogger, or maybe they don’t have a witty comment…it’s not always about the comments, LT! Besides, checkit, most comments have something to do with what was written anyway…
    remember Afrikaans post, which turned into Afrikaans skinner and then gamtaal? What did that have to do with fat rolls??

  3. I mean most comments have NOTHING to do with what was written…

  4. lol

    I know… I’m just messing

  5. Hee, hee, hee. I am laughing so loud now. Will do mine soon.

  6. […] worst things 18 07 2007 I’ve been tagged by Mrs M to write about the ten worst things (or at least the ones my subconscious hasn’t completely […]

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