Posted by: madamm | July 17, 2007

Early Bird Catches the Derm

It was with much trepidation that I found myself in the salon of yesteryear this not that hairsalon-aka-parlour-of-skelmness, the one I went to before my wedding. It’s also a day spa, but I don’t have hours to spa, so I go for these mini-treatments…

So there I was again this morning, bright and early with these little machines whrrring consistently at me. I think my lymph nodes are completely relaxed now…

I wonder if these little machines even work. I mean, it’s like exercise while doing nothing. I’ve seen that it actually does make a difference, but feel like I’m cheating in some way. I should be on a treadmill for fack’s sake.

Oh well, at least I’m not doing the steam sauna this time…I don’t think my hair would make it.



  1. lucky lucky gal!!!

  2. so not. doesn’t help if you gotta do it cos you look like an oversized wombat!

  3. Whahahah

    sorry….. but oversized wombat?? that’s a new one LOL

  4. So there are you. Het al begin wonne meisie. Hope you’re feeling all pampered and stuff.

  5. am feeling all pampered, yes Tobes (and wombattish, LT) hence settling for broccoli and apple juice in attempt to look (and feel) slim secretly hoping a BIG MAC would land on computer keyboard.

  6. *tsk tsk*

  7. *tshk tshk*
    between cheese and onion popcorn.

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