Posted by: madamm | July 16, 2007

Houston,jy wiet mos.

I am one of those people constantly searching for the plot behind my latest paranoia attack.I think I am wired to be hypersensitive to reactions or lack thereof. Which in itself is a bit of an obsession.

Like, you know when you had a fight with somebody and then you talk about it and then its all good? Well, I sometimes wonder if it really is all good, like two years later.

My inner cochlear stretches at the sound of indecipherable exchanges between people I hardly know. Sometimes.

I can forgive people for hurting my feelings or being mean or embarrassing me, but sometimes when I see signs of it reappearing, the hostility wells up in me again.

For the most part, I am polite and a friendly person. Sadly, this is not always reciprocated.

I am about to care less.



  1. naaah,

    you won’t… you’re way too nice to give up on caring… at least a little (caring)

  2. I KNOW! Which is why I don’t wanna care anymore. but I think I;d be a very sad panda if I were to actually stop being nice.
    I know lotsa people who aren’t nice, and they still (seem) to have friends…

  3. Mrs M, do you want me to talk to my people to sort out those people? Cos I can you know…jy wiet mos.

  4. well you can tell your people to start with my own inexactitudes about, well..everything.

  5. I think that would simply be too much for them!

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