Posted by: madamm | July 13, 2007


Nee…dit kos dieselfde.


Mrs M realised it was time to fight for her rights. She got up SUPER early on that frightful 13th day at the end of the week and made her way to the…SALON (cue dramatic music).

Nie…ons geyser werk nie va’dag nie, they said.

Luckily Mrs M had already washed and rinsed her hair at home, she just needed a blow-dry.

She sat down for and for almost an hour, her hair was tugged this way and that.

When she got to the cash register, the price was the same as when she comes to the salon, gets her hair washed with Schwarzkopf shampoo, combed through with Schwarzkopf conditioner, rolled into curlers, put under a dryer, remove curlers and blowdry.

Only today, Mrs M only got a blowdry. but they wanted the same price.

 OH heeeeeeeeeeeeeeell no….

After a bit of fussing this way and that, they finally gave in.

I hate skelm hairdressers.



  1. LOL Mrs M. Good for you! Stand up for your rights! I remember going to the hairdresser with you once. Quite an experience… 🙂

  2. Oh my actual…Gnome you actually made it through a hairdresser session with me!!!!!

  3. Damn right you should make a fuss. Puhleeze, charging you the same vir ‘n paar units…

  4. SCANDALOUS!!!!!!

    *waves a finger in the air*

    money hungry nutters!!!

  5. But I felt bad, cos you know Im a very loyal patron, maar I was not born yesterday! *MrsM flicks blowdried hair*

  6. Geblow virrie weekend. I know weekend, weekend speessshaaaal…*Toby remembers Brenda the diva*

  7. Mrs M recalls how much she HATES that song…

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