Posted by: madamm | July 13, 2007

O ja! About Last Night…

So last night, I found myself in the company of Dion Chang and a whole lotta computer people.

It was fun because:

a) When I got there, I didn’t feel uncomfortable because I didn’t know anybody.

b) There was nice food, but I was only pecking, which according to Mumsy, is better for my weight classy.

c) I was only one of two journalists there and kept getting asked to talk to so and so, which increased chances of small talk, but was (suprisingly) refreshing.

d) Dion Chang hates Paris Hilton and blames technology for his intimate knowledge of the heiress. I agree.

e)It was really an interesting exhibition.

f) I left reasonably early.

But it was not fun because:

a) They kept talking shop and using computer lingo that went waaaay over my head.

b)Everytime I bit into my feta, red pepper and olive roll, someone would come and talk to me.

c) I was asked twice to interview a model (and her family) who was there, which had fuckall to do with the story. I don’t even remember her name.

When I came outside, two rats were chasing one another in the moonlight near my car (eek!!) but a splendid end to the evening was Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected…I loved The Sound Machine, Tobes.



  1. Oh bless your soul. You just made my day. Finally someone who likes the great man!!! I am so seriously impressed that you like, nay, loved some of it.

  2. Man, I love the thoughts behind the stories, that trees and flowers can get hurt- the whole theory of a parallel world, but really just the way its told…
    I liked the Georgy Porgy Story too… he telling the story from his mad cell from the beginning? I think I need to read it know..the one about the priest who can’t touch women.

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