Posted by: madamm | July 11, 2007

Nestle’s on Thin Ice

There is no wafer in my Crisp Wafer covered in Milk Chocolate from Nestle. No wafer- just chocolate. Do I complain?Do I dare complain about this inconsistency? Am I being ridiculous? Should I say something? Should I huh? Should I?

I was really just trying to HAVE A BREAK. And what do I get? Waferless chocolate.

The trauma!



  1. Waferless chocolate SUCKS!!! Why buy that particular one if not for the wafer? Would you not have bought a plain chocolate if you wanted plain chocolate. Ek se jy moet complain. Baie.

  2. complain!!!

  3. Mrs M, you must complain. With luck Nestle will give you a goody bag with loads of chocolatey goodness just to shut you up šŸ™‚

  4. ooh, I wrote an e-mail. So petty…tsk tsk.
    Real shitty thing about it is, I said I’d keep it, if they wanted to analyse it and now i have an almost WHOLE choccie sitting there and I can’t eat it! DAMMIT.

  5. I don’t really like Nestle anyway. Cadbury rocks.

  6. *MrsM buys Cutboerie ala Felicia-Mabuza-Shuttleworth

  7. Of course you should complain! šŸ™‚

  8. *Toby wonders about Felicia flavoured Cutboerie snacks*

  9. complain …

    i once bought a box of smarties that were all “melted” together … got a R 250.00 voucher for more products …

    Turns out the stores ENTIRE smarties stock was melted somehow

  10. *MrsM thinks about R250 worth of choccies*

  11. *Toby thinks at about R8.00 a slab you could get a lot of choccies for R250.00*

  12. complain and dont forget where my desk is ;o)

  13. Jirrie Batman, kan jy nie jou gam maniere by die huis los nie?

  14. I was just saying, I’m like always here to help you know ;o)

  15. don’t I know it. WHEN is your birthday, batwoman…I want cake!!!

  16. Next month. Nou sal batboy mos sy mond hou…nou se ek ma.

  17. dont worry I always bring cake. Toby, maybe you can hook me up with the cake stuff????

  18. Kyk nou hier, always looking to score. Ai.

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